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The Heinrich Team Named One of Top 10 Agents for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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The Heinrich Team Named One of Top 10 Agents for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

CARMEL, Calif. – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Northern California’s leading provider of real estate services, announced today that Carmel REALTORS® The Heinrich Team ranked among the company’s top 10 agents in Northern California for team sales in 2014.

ben-carole-award-ceremony-2015-webThe Heinrich Team consists of Ben Heinrich, Carole Heinrich, Mike Gilson and Grace Koehorst.

The Heinrich Team, who work in the company’s Carmel Rancho office, outpaced more than 3,900 sales associates from Carmel to Lake Tahoe with sales volume last year of nearly $100 million. In addition, the team finished in the top 1 percent nationally for the company, surpassing more than 86,000 Coldwell Banker sales associates in the U.S.

“The Heinrich Team consists of some of the very best real estate professionals on the Monterey Peninsula,” said Mike James president of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. “They have earned a reputation for integrity, professionalism, market knowledge and superior customer service. We’re proud to have this group of associates on our team.”

Todd Porteous, manager for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage on the Monterey Peninsula, said members of The Heinrich Team are held in high regard by discerning homebuyers and sellers throughout the region.

“Whether it’s marketing luxurious properties or helping buyers find that perfect home, Ben and his team are often the go-to REALTORS® on the Peninsula,” he said. “They truly know the local market better than just about anyone, and provide their clients with the highest level of service.”

The Heinrich Team was recognized for their accomplishments during a company ceremony last month. They have also been extended an invitation to Coldwell Banker’s Residential Brokerage’s Top 1% Retreat, which will be held later this year at the world-renowned Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach.

Ben Heinrich has been active in real estate since 1976, and is a past president of the Carmel Board of REALTORS® as well the Monterey County Association of Realtors. Since 1991 he has been a Director of the California Association of Realtors. He owned his own real estate company, Ben Heinrich Real Estate, for 20 years before it was purchased by Coldwell Banker Del Monte Realty in 2002.

Carole Heinrich has been a leader in the Monterey Peninsula financial community for over 20 years. Prior to becoming a licensed California real estate agent and mortgage broker in 1990, she was a stockbroker and a certified financial planner.

The Heinrich Team can be reached at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s Carmel Rancho office, 3775 Via Nona Marie, by phone at 831.626.2434, or by email at

About Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the largest residential real estate brokerage in Northern California and serves the markets from Monterey to Tahoe and nearly every market in between. The company has 57 office locations and more than 3,900 affiliated sales associates throughout Northern California. Last year the company handled 13.5% of all dollar volume sold in Northern California, more than double its nearest competitor. Through its internationally renowned Coldwell Banker Previews® program, Coldwell Banker leads the luxury home market in Northern California, representing more than 22% of all dollar volume sold of properties over $1 million. A subsidiary of Realogy Holdings Corp. (NYSE: RLGY), NRT operates Realogy’s company-owned real estate brokerage offices. For more information please visit or call 925.771.5285. CalBRE #01908304. ###


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Steve Maita March 30, 2015 Maita Communications LLC for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage 425.827.5577 Carmel REALTORS®

Historic Monterey Home: Larkin House


It is claimed that Larkin House, located at 464 Calle Principal in Monterey, was the first two-story house in the state of California. It’s claimed that it was the first house in Monterey with a fireplace. Above and beyond the claims, we do know a few important facts about this historic Monterey home and treasure, deemed both a California and National Historic Landmark:

It was built in 1835 by Thomas Oliver Larkin, an American merchant operating a store out of his home, who was the “first and only United States Consul to Alta California under Mexican rule.” Larkin served during President James K. Polk term of office.

It is a two-story mud adobe brick home, with a design that incorporates Spanish Colonial, and building methods that incorporate New England architectural features. This originated the Monterey Colonial architectural style.

The home was acquired in 1922 by Alice Larkin Toulmin – Thomas’ granddaughter.

Today, the home contains many 19th century antiques from around the globe, and both floors can be toured.

Larkin was like many leading citizens of the day, in wanting to build a large house using sun-dried adobe bricks. For a time, he was in fact the most influential American in Monterey. His home was designated a California Historical Landmark in 1933, and then in 1960, a National Historic Landmark. According to the Online Archive of California, in their Guide to the Larkin House Collection, Larkin was able to adapt “eastern form to available materials: adobe and redwood.”  They go on to say his house was unique due to features like the broad roof overhang: stylish, yet practical, in that it protected the adobe from the corrosive effects of wind and rain.

Thomas Larkin’s influence saw five years where his adobe building served as the center of and headquarters for social life in the Capital. A number of historic decisions were made at Larkin House, some of which affected California’s future.

For more information this Historic Monterey Home, a good place to start is the Monterey County Historical Society website.

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Five Great Reasons to Purchase a Carmel Valley Home

reasons to purchase a Carmel Valley Home

While some say there’s only one reason to purchase a home (location, location, location!), we can think  of five great reasons to purchase a Carmel Valley home!

  1. Location: Carmel Valley is a broad valley with green forest and grassy plains where the Carmel River leaves the Santa Lucia mountains and meets the sea. Nestled into the valley are horse ranches, vineyards, world-class golf courses, a 4,000 acre park filled with hiking and biking trails, and a thriving village offering opportunities for fine dining, shopping, and the arts. Carmel Valley is great place to live and play.
  2. Weather: This lovely valley is known for it’s mild weather. Protected by the Santa Lucia mountain rage, Carmel Valley boasts warm, dry summers filled with sunshine, and mild winters that rarely feature the chill fogs and dreary rain of other coastal towns. The average temperature is a pleasant 71F, perfect for biking, hiking, golf, and enjoying the beautiful views.
  3. Wine: With the mild weather, dry summers, and coastal soil, Carmel Valley is the perfect place to grow the finest grapes in California. The conditions here are perfect red varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel, and for Sauvignon Blanc, as well as an unexpected Chardonnay here and there. 20 wineries, over a dozen tasting rooms, and a thriving restaurant scene in the village create a heaven on earth for oeniphiles.
  4. Pace: A smaller community with a thriving village and working farms, ranches, and vineyards, the pace of life here is a little slower, a little more casual, without sacrificing the pleasures of sophisticated city life. It’s the perfect California coastal town, offering privacy, tranquility, beautiful natural features, with fine dining, shopping, arts, recreation, and golf. Carmel Valley offers something for everyone.
  5. Variety: From Village homes that are mere steps away from dining, shopping, art galleries, and recreation options, to private homes with gorgeous views in the hills, and even a small ranch or vineyard: There’s a home for sale in Carmel Valley for everyone, and for every taste. The homes here are as distinctive and special as the people who live here.

You now know there are far more than five great reasons to purchase a Carmel Valley home, so contact The Heinrich Team for information about Carmel Valley homes for sale so you can find your California dream home!

Pacific Grove Butterfly Town

"Butterfly Town" an original song for the city of Pacific Grove, California, America's last hometown from HOUSE OF 8 MEDIA on Vimeo.

A beautiful song to represent Pacific Grove. Butterfly Town is an original song written by Julie Capili.

7 Considerations when Designing your Home Theater

home theater

Do you have a home theater? Perhaps you designed it yourself, had help from a specialty store, or maybe you combined forces with a skilled tradesperson to get everything hooked up. And after choosing what you wanted – the screen, components, their respective qualities – the major hurdle that remains is the installation.  Unless you’re very handy, consider hiring a professional to help you create your perfect home theater room.

If you don’t yet have a home theater but are in the market for one, here are 7 considerations when designing your home theater system:

  1. Location: Have you picked out the best room in the house for your system? Whether large or small in terms of its square footage, when considering which room your home theatre will go in, evaluate items like the amount of ambient light, whether or not carpeting is in the room (or needed), how the walls are constructed, and even if there’s space to tuck away the components. Will there be in-wall or in-ceiling speakers? Also think about where you and your family will be sitting in relation to the screen.
  1. Viewing: What kind of display do you want? Large probably goes without saying, especially if you have the room for it. But will that be LCD, Plasma, OLEG, a video projector… or perhaps some combination? You’ll probably want a High Definition (HD) device, but in considering that, ask yourself if you’ll be viewing anything from an older, analog machine (a VCR or even laser disc player). You’ll need compatibility. Do you want a 3-D enabled device?
  2. Listening: Almost as important to many will be the audio components. Great, crisp audio can make a huge difference. Perhaps you love to watch concerts? Some components – such as an AV Receiver – might have much of what you need: AM/FM, HD Radio, XM, or even Satellite Radio. You’ll probably need a pre-amp. A Preamplifier controls which audio and/or video source is selected, and processes the stereo or surround sound. You’re going to want several speakers; to get the depth of sound required for a full theater experience.
  3. Components: Several source components will be needed. You most likely have a DVD or Blu-ray player. Do you still have a VHS collection? Do you have media in other formats you want to play?
  4. Internet: There are many other considerations in terms of designing or developing your ideal home theatre system. For example, most new devices – including televisions and Blu-ray players – can connect directly the Internet! This is a boon if you love your Netflix, or are addicted to YouTube. Most devices can be connected and online in a few simple steps.
  5. Protection: One of the components most-overlooked is a surge-protector. While none are 100% dependable, you’ll understand their value the moment a storm or some other force spikes your home’s voltage.
  6. For Consideration: Other considerations would be things like the wire used, the kind of wireless pick-up and protocols in place or available in your area, or even the question of how many remotes you want to deal with.

There are many great resources out there in addition to local experts. Home Theater Review has a great starter article that can help fill in some of the gaps. You can read that here.

Planning, planning, planning … it’s kind of like location, location, location. In truth, orchestrating a great home theater system does include location. Take your time with this, consider calling in a local expert for your Monterey Peninsula home. And once everything is in place, enjoy some spectacular entertainment at home!

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Dog Friendly Recreation in Carmel

dog recreation in Carmel

Looking for dog friendly recreation in Carmel?

There are so many ways to enjoy the great outdoors with your pet! Whether you’re looking for beaches, hiking trails, or walking tours, Carmel is one of the most dog friendly towns around!

The SPCA of Monterey County has a complete list of all beaches open to dogs and their companions, please check website for contact info and directions. Here are the ones in Carmel:

  • Carmel Beach – Dogs allowed off leash with current vaccinations and license. Must remain within immediate voice control.
  • Carmel River State Beach – Dogs on short leash only, beware of strong surf, bird sanctuary.
  • Garland Ranch Regional Park – Dogs on short leach or within immediate voice control.
  • Garrapata State Park Beach – Dogs on short (6ft or less) leash only, beware of strong surf.

Local hiking trails and parks are a great place to take your furry family members to run off that extra energy. and offer great information on dog-friendly attractions all over the world, and they have a solid lists of parks and trails. Consult the websites for contact info and directions:

  • Carmel Meadows – 2 miles of trails along beaches and bluff.
  • Carmel Walks – 2 hour walking tours of downtown Carmel, dogs on short leash. Ask for dog friendly tours when making reservations.
  • Garland Ranch Regional Park – Dogs are allowed off leash in certain areas only. All other areas welcome dogs on short leashes. Be cautious with dogs on horse trails please.
  • Garrapata State Park – Dogs on short leash only.
  • Mission Trail Park – 35 acres of wooded trails. Mulched trails are kind to older canine joints.
  • Point Lobos State Reserve – Hike along the coast to view wildflowers, wildlife, and beautiful scenery. Dogs on short leash only.

Boating and surfing with your best friend is a great way to spend a sunny day! has some great suggestions of where to go to find the best water fun with Fido. For directions or contact info for each place, please visit their website.

  • Surf Carmel Beach – Bring your own gear. Dogs must have current license and registration and be within voice control or on a short leash.
  • Adventures by the Sea offers kayak rentals at Point Lobos and Fort Ord, and at Laguna Seca Recreation Area. Ask for dog-friendly rentals and tours when making reservations. Dogs on short leash.

Enjoy your favorite recreation in the great outdoors with your dog in Carmel!

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Early Carmel Homes

Our city and neighborhoods are as famous for their stunning natural beauty as they are for their real estate. We have a rich history of cottages and cabins that represent some of the most beautiful early Carmel homes. Here, we talk about four well-known, charming, and architecturally significant landmarks.

Whalers cabin

Whaler’s Cabin in Point Lobos was built in the 1850s. It would house Japanese and Chinese fishermen. In the mid-to-late 1800s, it belonged to the Carmel Bay Whaling Company, even the Japanese Whaling Company used this cabin for a couple of years to the turn of the century. It was a Carmel home until 1983 when the last resident moved out. Today it houses a museum that showcases the cultural and other history of Point Lobos. There used to be an abalone cannery in the area, as well as a granite quarry. Visitors to the site can enjoy all kinds of wildlife, including many species of birds. The museum opened in 1994. If you’d like more information on this famous and many other early area landmarks, visit the Point Lobos Foundation’s website.

The Carmel Heritage Society was named by the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea as the official custodian of the First Murphy House. At the young age of 17 years, Michael Murphy built his first cottage. This early Carmel home, and many others built by Murphy, would influence the personality of the Village of Carmel. This important piece of early architecture was rescued from demolition in 1990 by the First Murphy House Committee, moved to 6th and Lincoln – its present site – and completely restored. It is often featured on tours offered by Carmel Walks. Did you know you can rent this historic home for events or meetings? Pricing is great, and it holds up to 40 people. Find out more by visiting the Heritage Society’s website.

Cottage of sweets

Do you like sweets? The Cottage of Sweets, originally at Dolores and Ocean, started out when it was built in 1922 as a loom shop. A year later the new Golden Bough Playhouse, owned by Edward ‘Ted’ Kuster, thought this cottage would make a perfect ticket booth; so, he moved it to Ocean and Monte Verde. (The theatre has a fascinating and bizarre history, which includes it burning down twice … once in the 1930s, and another time in the 1940s.) Today, this charming building, an important piece of early Carmel history, sells sweets! To find out more about the history of this landmark, visit the website for the Cottage of Sweets.

Hansel Doll House

In 1925, Gretel joined Hansel as one of two beautiful fairy tale-like cottages that Hugh Comstock built for his wife Mayotta. Mayotta created and sold a line of rag dolls called ‘Otsy-Totsys’. When the first home, Hansel, ran out of room for her collection, Hugh built the second one. In his application to build Hansel, Hugh estimated a cost of $1,400! The architectural style of Hansel is the Tudor Storybook substyle; it would help define Carmel for decades. The door and window casings were hand carved. Hansel is 1 ½ stories, on a concrete foundation. The twin cottages are part of the Carmel House and Garden Tour. Find out about the tours by going to the Carmel Heritage Society’s website.

Photo credit: Whalers Cabin

Photo credit: Hansel Doll House

Photo credit: Cottage of Sweets

The Advantages of Monterey Peninsula Condos


Take a look at the Monterey Peninsula Condos for sale and you’ll see the condo advantages. If you’re looking for the perfect home, think condominiums. All the best of home ownership, with fewer expenses, chores, and worries!

The Monterey Peninsula Condos for sale right now offer a choice of canyon, mountain, or ocean views, the same views offered by the finest homes on the Peninsula. As close or even closer to the same dining, shopping, entertainment, golf, and outdoor recreation opportunities as those single family residences, too! Several condo communities in the area are favored for their walkability. All the amenities you’re looking for can be found in a condo community, too: Pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, world-class golfing, marina access, and more.

The real difference is what we call the Monterey Peninsula Condos Advantages:

  • Never manage lawn services, landscaping services, pool care schedules and vendors again!
  • Exterior maintenance is done by skilled professionals, worry-free.
  • Repairs and maintenance of external amenities are shared by the HOA.
  • There is a condo for every price range, whether you are looking for the perfect year-round home, or a vacation or weekend home for Monterey Peninsula getaways.
  • A sense of security and peace of mind with nearby neighbors and professional staff aware of the activity in the neighborhood, means fewer worries about break-ins.
  • HOA rules and standards keep the community looking great and protect the value of your condo.

Monterey Peninsula Condos for sale include single story, townhomes, garden homes, and duplexes with a wide array of interior amenities, such as fireplaces, spa tubs, a choice of views, skylights and more. Gorgeous condo communities offer a wide range of common features, such as pools, tennis courts, marina access, hiking and biking trail access, and so much more.

Take a little time to explore all the Monterey Peninsula condo advantages; you’ll be so glad you did!

Happy Easter!


Wishing your entire family a happy Easter from The Heinrich Team.

7 Fabulous Features of Carmel Homes for Sale

Looking for the perfect home? Consider our 7 Fabulous Features of Carmel Homes for Sale, each home is unique and special, but they all have features in common…there is so much to love about Carmel and so much to love about making your new home there. So take a look at the features our listings share, and then take a closer look at all our featured Carmel and Carmel-by-the-Sea homes for sale…you’ll be so glad you did!

The 7 fabulous features of Carmel Homes:

  1. Location, location, location!

    Carmel is consistently rated one of California’s Top Ten destinations. From the beautiful natural features of the area, to the charming European village downtown, there’s everything to love about Carmel!

  2. Features of Carmel Homes

  3. The commute!

    We know, it’s an unusual claim in California, but the commute is one of the best in the nation. Nationwide, your average commute is 25 minutes or more, but in Carmel, it’s a mere 15 minutes! Let’s not even compare our commutes to Los Angeles…

  4. Your Best Friend is welcome!

    Carmel is known for our love of canine companions. From restaurants and pubs, to hotels and shops, our city welcomes your furry friends with open arms. There’s no better place to live with your pup than right here in Carmel.

  5. Small Town Living.

    Carmel has chosen to keep our friendly village atmosphere, and we honor our roots. Our village post office still serves all our residents without house-to-house delivery, our street names are quaint, and our homes have names and character all their own!

  6. Water.

    Whether you love the ocean, rivers, pools, or hot tubs, Carmel homes have a deep connection with water, both the natural coastline and the exquisitely designed water features in our homes for sale.

  7. Architecture.

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Sumner Greene, Hugh Gutterson, Henry Hill, and other famous architects have been tempted into creating beautiful homes here. Carmel is known for the eclectic style of its homes, with English Cottages sitting side-by-side with Craftsman homes and modern glass and stone marvels. A stroll through our winding streets is always inspiring!

  8. carmel features2

  9. The stroll.

    Carmel is a village, and we value a leisurely stroll. A visit to the town post office can lead you to a favorite coffee shop where your canine companion can also receive a drink. Then stroll down to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand. Stroll back through the village for a lunch with friends. Everything you need here is within easy walking distance.

  10. Now that you know more about the area, take a look at our featured listings to find the best combination of fabulous features and truly unique designs. We have the most beautiful Carmel homes for sale, so take advantage of the 7 fabulous features they all have in common to find your dream home right here!

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Pebble Beach Food and Wine 2015

Pebble Beach Food and Wine - resized

Everyone’s talking about the eighth annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine, coming up on April 9-12. It’s being billed as the best yet, with 75 chefs and 250 wineries representing some of the greatest pleasures an epicurean or oenophile could desire. Indulgent, enlightening, and even whimsical at times, this is a must-attend Monterey Peninsula production.

From fabulous themed tastings to cooking demos, the world-class chefs offer a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget. Expert Sommeliers present reserve tastings, wine seminars, and pairing events. Want whimsy? Try the bacon and bourbon event or the comfort food indulgence. All events are exquisitely planned and designed to suit refined palates and adventure-seeking fans of both food and wine.

While you can enjoy individual events by purchasing separate tickets, there are certainly savings and special incentives to be found when purchasing a package. Individual events range in price from $100-500, and the golf tournament is $1,000. All three packages offer extra VIP amenities and certain events that are only available with the purchase of a package. All packages offer daytime events, VIP access to the Lexus Grand Tasting and a choice of luncheon options. Magnum level offers many daytime events and discounts on Jeroboam and Imperial level seminars, and is perfect for those who want to attend at least four events, a great value at $995 per person. The Jeroboam package offers access to the day and night events plus a greater choice of luncheon options, a choice of four dinner options and a choice of four reserve tasting options for $2,000. The Imperial level package includes Lexus chauffeured transportation between events, VIP seating at all demos and seminars, access to After Hours Parties with Chefs/Winemakers/VIPs each night, access to the VIP lounge in the Lexus Grand Tasting, and a greater choice of luncheons, dinners, and reserve tastings, all for $4,750.

Indulge yourself in the greatest food and wine adventure of the year! For more information visit the official site at

Coldwell Banker Unveils Homes for Dogs Campaign

Homes for dogs

“Dogs. Making happy homes even happier.”

Of course, you would know this already; so many of our neighbors are dog lovers! We love our pets. They’re family. Our homes are their homes. And all pets deserve a good home, with a loving family. Did you see Coldwell Banker’s ad campaign on Oscar night? Their Homes for Dogs Program has taken off. You can help.

Being in the business of finding homes for people for over 100 years, Coldwell Banker understands your special needs. Now, in partnership with, we’re extending our help to ‘man’s best friend’! This synergistic relationship with Adopt-a-Pet works: they are North America’s largest not-for-profit pet adoption website. Together this year, we intend to assist up to 20,000 of our furry but homeless friends in finding their perfect family. Is there anything more heart-warming than arriving home, opening your door, and greeting your special animal friend? In case you missed it, here’s the commercial that was run on Oscar night:

It’s heart-breaking to know that dogs – along with other animals – often find themselves abandoned or otherwise in need of serious TLC. On Coldwell’s Adopt-a-Pet page, you’ll be made aware of three key ways to help dogs in our Homes for Dogs Program:

  1. Volunteering. Adopt-a-Pet makes it easy for you to find a way to volunteer.
  2. Social PETworking. We know many of our friends enjoy some degree of social networking. To Twitter a Critter, or use Facebook to get the message out, couldn’t be easier. Search for a dog, cat, or other pet on Adopt-a-Pet’s website. Choose the animal friend you want to help. This gives you their vitals. Click on a social media button to get things started. Please use the #homerocks hashtag in any post you create.
  3. Welcome homepage. Do you have a personal or business Web page? Adopt-a-Pet has a variety of ‘pet search widgets’ you can easily add to your site.

Helping a homeless pet already has our help, hopefully your help, and a lot of traction and press. In a recent Mashable article, Rob Siltanen of Siltanen & Partners, Coldwell Bander’s ad agency, was interviewed about the Home’s Best Friend commercial that launched this year’s Academy Awards. While it may seem that this is the “year of the dog in advertising”, we who love dogs might say every year – every day – is the right time for our beloved pets. In the interview, Siltanen said the true value of one’s home “extends far beyond dollars and cents and square feet.” And as stated earlier, what better way to bring the message home about pets than to show so many coming home scenes where our animal friends eagerly greet us at the door?

For more information about how to help others ‘extend’ their loving homes, please visit Coldwell’s Home’s Best Friend website, Adopt-a-Pet’s website, or catch the Brand Channel interview of Coldwell Banker’s CMO, Sean Blankenship.

Here are some of our favorite videos about the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs program:

Pet Bloopers

About the stars

Ocean View Home: Coastal Inspiration Decor

Coastal main image

Coastal inspiration is a perfect design style for an ocean view home. Coastal inspiration uses the colors outside your windows, the whites and creams of sand, the golden sun and tan shadows, the sun-baked olives of sea grasses, and the infinite blues and greens of the sea in your color palette. It also embraces the casual, easy feel of beach living, with approachable comfort and natural elements like wood, stone, and glass in both the architecture and the interior design.

Gone are the days of kitsch and clutter with shell-encrusted lamps and tide-pool wallpaper. Modern coastal inspiration is clean and elegant, mirroring the spare and sweeping designs of nature at her most elemental and majestic. A touch of whimsy can be found in some designs, but the overall focus is where the sea meets the land and sky.

coastal colors

Trip Haenisch offers a wonderful example of strong coastal inspiration in this Malibu living room, with white sands, golden sunshine and shadow, ocean blues and greens coming together in a fresh, breezy look that makes you want to dive right in. The ocean blue-green that is carried throughout the house isn’t a single note, though. It varies like your own Monterey Peninsula views, sometimes stormy and deep in a whimsical bath, sometimes pale sea-foam in the glass tile of a kitchen backsplash.

Want a bolder pop of color in your sand and sea? Try a nautical touch, but you don’t have be literal and use signal flag accent pillows or sailing prints. Take a look at the accents in a Joan Behnke coastal home with pops of color taken from nautical signal flags in vivid reds, golds, and black, which hint at nautical without being obvious. Behnke also has a great example of natural elements in the powder room mirror framed in curvy polished driftwood

asian inspired

You don’t have to stick to a single influence. Combine and build a richer design with Mediterranean or Asian. These other elements can add rich texture and form, such as the estate designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, which has distinct Asian notes. The colors echo the coastal view with rocky hills and gorgeous oceanfront, but the shapes and textiles have an oriental flair that hints of Morocco or Malaysia. Malibu and Martha’s Vineyard aren’t the only coastlines in the world!

We love the beautiful and welcoming coastal inspiration seen in modern design trends. It’s clean, classic, and easily enriched with other inspirations to create a design that fits your taste and lifestyle while honoring the beauty of nature right outside our ocean view homes.

7 Fabulous Features of Big Sur Homes for Sale

Rocky_Point_House01.jpg - resized

Looking for the perfect home? Consider our Big Sur homes for sale, each home is unique and special, but they all have 7 great features in common…there is so much to love about Big Sur and so much to love about making your new home there. So take a look at the features our listings share, and then take a closer look at all our featured Big Sur homes for sale…you’ll be so glad you did!

The 7 fabulous features of Big Sur Homes:

1. Location, location, location! Big Sur is the best of California living, where the forest meets the hills, and the hills meet the sea. You can have nature at your door, while still staying close to world-class dining, shopping, and golf.
2. The views! Whether you’re home looks out into the redwood forest, the rocky hills, or the Pacific Ocean, the views from Big Sur homes are unparalleled. Big Sur homes are designed to maximize the views and bring the outdoors into your living space.
3. Wide open spaces! Out here, everything feels bigger. It may be that this is where the sky meets the sea and the hills, or it may be our large land parcels and our spacious homes built for living large and entertaining…but you’ll love all this space, both inside and out.
4. Privacy. Big Sur homes are a far cry from city living. Here, you have enough land and enough home to truly relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many of our homes have the additional privacy of being located in gated communities.
5. Water. Whether you love the ocean, rivers, pools, or hot tubs, Big Sur homes have a deep connection with water, both the natural features and exquisitely designed features.
6. Nature! From whale and dolphin watching, to rare birds in the redwoods, nature is all around you in Big Sur. We live right alongside nature’s kingdom, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness from the comfort of our own homes.
7. Natural elements. Big Sur homes are designed in harmony with their natural surroundings. Wood, glass, and stone are combined to create homes that belong shoulder-to-shoulder with Manzanita, Redwoods, the rocky coastline, and the ever-changing sea.

Now that you know more about the area, take a look at our featured listings to find the best combination of fabulous features and truly unique designs. We have the most beautiful Big Sur homes for sale, so take advantage of the 7 fabulous features they all have in common to find your dream home right here!

Dog Friendly Hotels in Carmel

dog friendly carmel-by-the-sea

Are you looking for the best dog friendly hotels in Carmel? Carmel is crazy about dogs, so it wasn’t hard to find places to stay that welcome furry family members. We found the most accommodating places to stay in the area and a list of places that are happy to host you and your dog. Some list size restrictions, many charge an additional fee, but all are pleased to welcome your pup.

While there is a substantial list in the Monterey Peninsula area, some lodging stands out as being an extra special place to stay with your best friend:

  1. Svendsgaard’s Inn welcomes a limit of two pets to each limited pet friendly guest room for $25 per pet, per night. Aggressive breeds are not allowed, and all pets must be well-groomed and vaccinated. The Inn provides a pet bed, blanket, food and water dishes for each pet, and they have crates and leashes you may borrow at no cost. Pet treats are available throughout the day. While pets may not stay unaccompanied in the rooms, pet sitting services can be arranged through the front desk. A lovely courtyard and pet pick-up station are available for your dog’s use. Ask for a pet friendly room when you book your stay. (rooms from mid $100’s + pet fee)
  2. Carmel Garden Inn is a beautiful B&B which welcomes one or two pets of any size with a $25 per pet, per night fee. They offer a comfortable pet bed, sheet, water bowl and treats for each dog. Some of the rooms have enclosed private patios to enjoy with your dog. Ask for a pet friendly room when you book your stay. (rooms from mid-high $100’s + pet fee)
  3. Cypress Inn, Co-owned by animal lover and advocate Doris Day, welcomes up to three dogs for fees of $30-75 per day depending on the number of dogs, and your pup is welcome throughout the Inn, including the restaurant and lounge. Offering pet bowls and blankets for every furry guest, the inn asks that pets not be left unattended in the room and offers pet-sitting information for when your canine companion has to stay behind. (rooms from $200’s + pet fee)
  4. Carmel Valley Ranch puts no limit on the size or number of pets, and for $150 per pet includes a pet bed, water bowl, and an amenity for each pet, and all their rooms are pet friendly. Well behaved dogs may stay unaccompanied in the room, but are also welcome to enjoy the nature trails, outdoor restaurant, and evening campfires with you. (rooms from mid-high $300’s + pet fee)
  5. Many chain hotels also welcome dogs for a fee in addition to the room charge.  Try Best Western, Travelodge, and Hyatt Regency located in nearby Monterey to name a few.

We know you’re looking for places to stay that meet your needs and don’t just tolerate, but genuinely welcome and enjoy your canine companion. You’ll be pleased with any of our favorites, and be sure to check for accommodations here and further abroad: The site is regularly updated by users to ensure the most recent pet policies for all the lodging on their lists. If you know of other local hotels or Inns to add to our list, leave us a comment.

We hope you and your pets enjoy your visit to our lovely town and find a home away from home at the wonderful dog friendly hotels and inns in Carmel. Happy Travels!

5 Home Design Trends for Inspiration

Take a look at 15 of the hottest home design trends for 2015 on The current trends we see in architecture and interior design are variations on 5 home design themes. Use these 5 trendy design themes for inspiration to create the house and grounds that are a perfect fit for your lifestyle and family.

Home Design Trends - wine cellar

1) Dedicated space:

From underground garages and wine cellars, to basketball courts and home theaters, spaces designed to fit your passions are a hot trend. Your home is your castle and should fulfill your deepest desires. Don’t stop with just the basics, add custom lighting, luxurious finishes, and all the fine details for a space both functional and fabulous. Make the trend your own, don’t limit your creativity. If you’re a connoisseur of fine vodkas instead of wines, a custom walk-in freezer can be designed to outshine the coolest ice bar. Is fashion your passion? Don’t settle for a basic walk-in closet, add mechanized racks for shoes or suits, up-to-the-moment lighting, and a safe for your cherished accessories. Your creativity, coupled with fine craftsmanship, can create the perfect space for your treasured items and pastimes.

5 Home design trends

2) Glass:

It’s giving new light and life to your dream home. The breathtaking views in our area demand glass walls. Don’t let any architectural element obscure the views that made you fall in love with your home. Glass walls, glass balcony and deck railings, and other exterior glass elements can bring the beauty of nature right into your home. Want to expand that spacious feel without building an atrium that eats up valuable floor space? Consider the gorgeous trend of glass floors and ceilings, opening up space and flooding your home with light without losing a single valuable room! Many featured homes showcase the combination of glass and water. Outdoor pools placed next to a glass wall bring the elements of air and water right up to the interior and welcome their best qualities inside. Consider playful and practical uses for windows. A loft bed for a child feels like a sailing ship with round windows to gaze through, and a flip of a switch can frost a gorgeous glass wall in a bedroom or bath to preserve privacy when desired. Modern royalty are using glass for more than just slippers today!


3) Outdoor and added living spaces:

Your property can expand your living space exponentially! Creative designs and uses for outdoor rooms and independent structures add both functionality and fabulous design elements to your home. Infinity or lap pools drenched in sun or lighting the night, elaborate decks and outdoor kitchens for entertaining, welcoming tree houses and guest cottages; you can make your home feel as expansive as your hospitality. Imagination is the only limit to the additions of comfort and extravagance these features can bring to your home and property.


4) Family fantasies:

Add space and features for yourself and your adult interests, but don’t forget kid-centric spaces, too. Consider a slide on the stairs to the children’s wing, hidden indoor hideaways or passages between rooms, and fantasy built-ins to bedrooms and play areas. These family fantasy elements add to your family’s comfort. Your whole home doesn’t have to be kid friendly, but don’t forget that pirate ship beds, princess tower reading nooks, and outdoor play spaces can assure that you’re not just creating your own dream home, but your children’s dream home too!

14-32835CVR 05

5) Invite Mother Nature in:

When imagining, creating, and installing your new architectural and design features; look to nature for inspiration. Natural materials continue to be the most modern and attractive choices available today. Rich woods, rugged stone, gleaming metals, and gorgeous glass are in demand as design materials. Sustainability is always on trend, too, when it comes to sourcing and installation. Expand on the natural theme and bring it indoors by adding water features or an indoor garden, and by showcasing striking views or landscape features and using glass to make them feel a part of your home.

Use these themes and this article as a spark for your imagination and invest in the value of your home, to pay dividends of comfort, luxury, and enjoyment in every square foot of your own personal castle and grounds. With these 5 trendy home design themes for inspiration, leverage creativity and craftsmanship into the perfect home for your lifestyle and family.

The Monterey Peninsula Foundation

Pebble Beach golf tournamentPlanning and execution are in the final stages for the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament, and The Heinrich Team would like to take a moment to honor the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for their hard work and their contribution to enhancing the quality of life in our community.

Thousands of volunteers are preparing to stage one of the area’s largest charitable events this coming February: The AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament.

Formed as a result of the charitable intentions and history of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation has grown from a group of friends wanting to give back, into a nationally known 501(c)(3) two nationally recognized sporting events that have become a favorite of both golf enthusiasts and players. As engaged members of the local community, we want to honor all the MPF does for Monterey County and the surrounding area.

Committed to doing the most good with every dollar they raise, the MPF funds programs that make the greatest positive impact on our community in the areas of youth, education, health and human services, the arts, and our environment. The Foundation tries to invest their grant money in efforts that are forward-thinking and future oriented. Their future oriented commitments even stretch to include efforts to go greener with their two golf tournaments, causing them to win awards for their efforts at reclaiming resources during and after the events.

The Heinrich Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the Monterey Peninsula Foundation for all their hard work and charitable contributions to the excellent quality of life we enjoy in our community. We honor their efforts, and the effect they are having on our present and our future!

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The History of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Golf enthusiasts are looking forward to one of the PGA Tour’s most anticipated events, the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament held annually in February. This prestigious Pro-Am Tournament attracts the finest pro golfers and an interesting array of local and national celebrity amateur golfers. Past champions have included Mark O’Maera, the only champ to win the tournament five times, Phil Mickelson who runs a close second with four wins, Jack Nicklaus, Davis Love III, Dustin Johnson, Payne Stewart, Tiger Woods, and Vijay Singh.

This long-running tournament started as a friendly get-together for a great game of golf, good whiskey, a clambake, and a chance to raise money for charity, and was hosted by singer Bing Crosby in 1937. Back then, Sam Snead won the tournament in three days of pouring rain, taking home an impressive $500 for first place. The first time the tournament was played here in Pebble Beach was 1947.

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am has become a favorite for the spectators, pro golfers, and the talented amateurs, all of whom truly enjoy the fabulous courses, fierce competition, and are proud of the charitable funds that are raised today. The history and meaning of the tournament touches many players, including celebrities like actor and comedian Ray Romano who has spoken about his pleasure at participating in a piece of history…combining his love of golf, the beautiful setting, and the chance to give back. Others, like Phil Mickelson who’s grandfather caddied here, have family history at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

So get your best game ready, make a date for February to be on the course as a spectator, or make plans to sit back with a glass of fine whiskey and a plate of tender clams and enjoy the broadcast of this historic event from the comfort of your favorite chair. Either way, you’ll never forget being a part of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Tournament!

7 Things You Didn’t Know About the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament

One of my great memories is having been invited to play in the Tournament for the years 1996 and 1997. There is no greater terror than hearing “On the first tee, from Carmel California”. My son Grant was my caddie and a steadying hand. We had a blast and the memories will always be there. Not a bad father and son outing.

One of my great memories is having been invited to play in the Tournament for the years 1996 and 1997. There is no greater terror than hearing “On the first tee, from Carmel California”. My son Grant was my caddie and a steadying hand. We had a blast and the memories will always be there. Not a bad father and son outing.

Everyone knows the tournament began as a combination golf game and clambake hosted by Bing Crosby way back in the day, and most people have heard of the champions such as five-time winner Phil Mickelson, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and 2014 winner Jimmy Walker. But we’ve gathered some fun facts that aren’t as widely known. See how knowledgeable you are about the Pebble Beach Pro-Am!

1. What other sport has played through at the Pro-Am? Hunting. The three days of pouring rain caused the first tournament to be so wet, some of the contestants took a duck hunting break. A pond near the 18th green was full of waterfowl riding out the nasty weather…so they took a short break from shooting golf balls down the green, and shot ducks instead!

2. What other sport has made a brief appearance at the Pro-Am? Football. In 2013 Amateur golfer and actor Bill Murray borrowed a football from fellow amateur golfer and offensive tackle Harris Barton, to kick a very amateur field goal into the rough.

3. What’s Crosby weather? Held in February, the weather for the Pro-Am Tournament is unpredictable at best, and can make play nearly impossible! From a snowstorm that caused one early contestant to joke that he’d accidentally ended up in Squaw Valley, to a 50 mph gale that caused another contestant to take a 16 on the 16th hole at Cypress Point, the difficult and downright crazy “Crosby” weather throughout the history of the tournament is the stuff of legend.

4. Who is the only player to win both the Pro-Am and the Professional portion of the tournament? Gene Littler, a Golf Hall-of-Fame player who won the Pro-Am as an amateur in 1954, and as a professional in 1975.

5. How many holes were played at the original event? The first tournament was an 18 hole event.

6. In which year was the Crosby Weather so bad that the third round was delayed until August? 1998! In 1996 the tournament was cancelled due to weather conditions, and to avoid canceling again two years later, officials made the decision to delay instead.

7. What’s missing at the 18th hole in the 2015 Pebble Beach Pro-Am? One of the two great cypress trees that guard the 18th was felled by 40mph winds during a storm in December. Course officials say there won’t be a way to replace the tree until after the tournament is over.

Happy Holidays!

We’d like to take a moment this holiday season to thank all of our past, present, & future clients for making this another wonderful year. Wishing you all the best of the season, have a wonderful holiday and a safe and happy New Year!


Pacific Grove Schools

Pacific Grove Schools

Pacific Grove Unified Schools serves the communities of Pacific Grove and a portion of Pebble Beach. The district has 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school (with a continuing high school and adult enrichment center that aren’t covered here), and serves approximately 1582 students.  Pacific Grove Schools consistently place in the top 10 % of California Schools.

Some basic statistics for Pacific Grove Schools are: 56.5 percent of teachers have a master’s degree or higher; 4 out of 5 schools met the difficult AYP standard, 25 out of 28 criteria being met; Pacific Grove met the State’s API (academic performance index) and ranked in the 90th percentile or above other state districts, and ranked in the top 40% of similar districts. Graduation rate is 96.1 percent, exceeding the state target of 90 percent. One school is in Program Improvement. CST (standard test results) for all students in grades 2-11 shows that 77.2 percent are proficient or advanced in math, and 84.7 are proficient or advanced in English. Pacific Grove boasts a 1:18 teacher-to-student ratio, and based on the SAT, CST test, and API ranking, Pacific Grove High School ranks in the top ten percent of high schools in the state of California.

CAHSEE results California High school exit exam show 79 percent of students at proficient or advanced in English, compared with the state score of 57, and 79 percent proficient or advanced in math, compared to a 60 state score. More individual statistics for the district and its schools can be found at district website.

Pacific Grove High School also offers 22 AP courses and 3 honors courses, as well as an award winning sports program, and over 25 extracurricular clubs, sports, and activities to choose from.

To set up a time to tour a school, or to get more information on the Pacific Grove Unified School District, please call 831-646-6510 or go to the website and contact Pacific Grove Schools directly.

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Monterey Peninsula New Year

new year

Are you looking for just the right way to celebrate the Monterey Peninsula New Year? We’ve got the event list! From Big Sur to Carmel, to Pebble Beach and Monterey, we have you covered with the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in town, and the most enjoyable family-friendly events for your little party-goers. There’s something on our list for everyone! Don’t see something for your tastes? Check out for an ever-expanding list of events.

These event details were correct at time of publishing, please check with the venue directly before making your plans, as weather and unforeseen issues do cause changes over the course of the season.

Big Sur New Year

The Fernwood Tavern will be rocking and rolling with Billy Martini! The amazing New Year’s Bash begins at 10pm, and is open to the public, with no cover charge. Consider booking one of our cabins for a safe and easy night, and wake the next morning to take your first hike of the new year in beautiful surroundings!

47200 Highway 1, Big Sur, 93920


Carmel New Year

L’Auberge Carmel is offering two seatings at Aubergine, and you have your choice of meals with and without wine pairings. Make it an early night with the 5:30pm seating and 4 course tasting menu, or go for the 8:30pm seating with 6 course grand tasting menu complete with wine pairings and Champagne toast. The earlier seating is $115 per person without wine pairings ($210 with wine) and the later seating is $290 per person, including wine. Reservations required.

Monte Verde at Seventh Ave, Carmel-by-the-Sea, 93921


Monterey New Year

MY Museum (The Monterey Youth Museum) offers their super early Noon Year’s Eve Party for your little ones. This party includes crafts, face-painting, treats, and even dropping the Noon Year’s Eve ball at noon for your little early birdies. Tickets are free for members, and $10 for non-members. Reservations and tickets required.

425 Washington Street, Monterey, 93940


First Night Monterey offers a family friendly New Year’s celebration. Three dozen venues in the downtown area offer performances and activities, with a Twilight Procession on Alvarado Street. The festivities begin at 3pm and last until 2am. Ring in the new year at midnight at Custom House Plaza, in the Monterey State Historic Park. Purchase tickets in advance at downtown stores, or from the First Night Monterey website.

The world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium offers a New Year’s sleepover each year, that’s not to be missed! Events include a sparkling cider toast at 9pm with an early East Coast countdown, fun family activities and food, including a sundae bar. Breakfast the next morning is included, as well as naturalist guided tours of the Great Tidepool deck. Reservations at our ticketing desk, or by phone. Reservations are required, limited to ages 5 and up. All children under 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult. Tickets are $125 per person, or $100 for members.

886 Cannery Row, Monterey, 93940


Pebble Beach New Year

The Inn at Spanish Bay is offering “An Elegant Affair” for their New Year’s Eve bash. $395 (per person) admission gets you into this spy-themed night with casino games, dancing, live music and delicious food. The event begins at 8pm, and reservations are required. 21 and over only.

2700 17 Mile Road, Pebble Beach, 95953


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