Introducing  A SMARTER HOME

                          George McKechnie, Axiom Home Tech, Heinrich Team Guest Writer

New smart home technologies promise various levels of convenience, enjoyment, and safety for the homeowner. But most people find it hard to keep up with the new devices and strategies— and even harder to figure out which ones make sense for their own home and lifestyle.

A Smarter Home was created to help consumers better understand their choices, so they can make informed buying decisions:

  • Explains the benefits and limitations of specific technologies and products from a consumer-centric perspective (how will it fit my home & lifestyle) rather than product-centric one (which hypes the bells and whistles).
  • Qualifies, clarifies, and (when needed) challenges manufacturers’ marketing claims.
  • Helps consumers understand the difference between a “collection of widgets,” and smart home systems that are designed and programmed to their specific needs.

Look for new postings each month here at A Smarter Home.

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