Designed in 1931 by William Wilson Wurster, one of California’s foremost architects, the Voss house has been lovingly and faithfully restored and enjoys a prime Big Sur location adjacent to the world famous Post Ranch Inn. As the head of the architectural schools at MIT and the University of California at Berkeley Wurster helped shape an entire generation of architects.

This is one of the Big Sur homes for sale you shouldn’t miss.

  1. Dennis Meaney says:

    Good Afternoon,
    My name is Dennis Meaney. I live on the Monterey Peninsula

    During World War II my mother worked for Mr. Voss in San Francisco during his government service. My mother stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Voss at the Voss house in Big Sur on many weekend occasions. She told me the story several times where she would take the train from S.F. to Monterey and the Voss’s would meet her and then drive to Big Sur. Her description was that one could look down the coast and see the house owned by Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth (now Nepenthe). She couldn’t give me an exact description of where the house is. I’ve always wanted to research where the house is and visit the location.

    The Heinrich real estate listing for the Voss House caught my attention. This appears to be the house that my mother described.

    Is the property available to be accessed this Saturday? I am just interested in visiting the location to experience what my mother fondly described. I do not need access to the house (it’s out of my price range). I plan to be hiking in the area and would just want to visit the location for sentimental reasons.

    Dennis Meaney


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