It’s getting to be chilly here on the Monterey Peninsula, and we’re not seeing as much sun, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for a pretty day! There are a few great walks that have become our staples when we’re looking to take our dog out or just go for a nice stroll around town. 

The Brick Courtyard Near the Portola

This is the walk we probably frequent most out of the three we’ll discuss. There is a gorgeous tree-lined brick courtyard adjacent to the Portola hotel with a few restaurants, tasting rooms, art galleries and shops. This courtyard is my favorite place in Monterey. Jack’s Bar and Restaurant inside the Portola is a classy place to get a drink, and afterwards you can walk through the courtyard and usually see cute puppies and meet some really nice people. If you go during golden hour, it could very well become your favorite place to walk, too. During good weather, this location is tough to beat, and in my opinion, is the essence of a relaxing day spent in Monterey. 

The Walking Trail to the Wharf

Take the walking trail from the little parking lot near Monterey Fish House and head toward Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a lengthy walk, but on a nice day it’s just what you need. The trail has inlets that will take you to the beach. I would encourage you to explore those inlets, take your shoes off and spend some time looking at the waves before continuing your journey. Dust Bowl Brewery recently opened and is a great stop for a beverage and a taco before eventually reaching the Wharf. The Wharf can be quite busy and if you’ve already seen it, I’d say skip it and continue on the bike path to some of the beautiful benches overlooking the boats. The view of the marina is another one of our favorite locations in Monterey. In the early morning as the sun is coming up, this is one of the prettiest sights on the peninsula. 

New Monterey Bike Path to Lover’s Point

Another long one – this is a great walk for those looking for some exercise, sunshine, and certainly a few encounters with dogs. Park near the Wave Street cafe – a great spot for breakfast – and head out directly onto the bike path. You’ll be close enough to Cannery Row without dealing with so many people, and you can continue on this path all the way to Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove where you’ll find a dreamy cove with a beach, activity rentals, and beach volleyball. On some sunny days, the water here is green and when you put your feet in the sand, it is hard to believe you are in the foggiest city on the Central Coast. 

We hope you get a chance to explore some of these walks with your loved ones. What are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear in the comments below.