This is as much a collection of case studies as it is quick tips. These tips are pieces of guidance we’ve garnered from recent experiences with clients buying in Carmel Valley. Buying in Carmel Valley is changing in 2019 primarily due to insurance, and we’ll cover that as well as two other quick tips in this blog.

Plan for Insurance Difficulties

We recently represented a client buying in Carmel Valley who’s purchase ended up falling through because they couldn’t get insurance for the home. After trying 13 companies, the buyers determined they would pursue other areas of the Monterey Peninsula. They found a last resort policy with a massive premium, but the nature of the insurance market is what really caused them to changed their mind – the bigger picture. Moving into 2019, we at The Heinrich Team will be meeting with insurance agents to plan ahead for the step in the buying process that, for a long time, was a non-issue. Tip number one is to plan ahead and quickly begin due diligence on insurance even before you make an offer.

Roof Inspection

Often times roof inspections are overlooked in due diligence because there is brief mention of the roof’s condition in the home inspection. We have found that getting a formal roof inspection with a licensed roofing contractor is the best way to go. It’s not a huge investment, and knowing the ins and outs of your roof can create leverage when negotiating as well as piece of mind when you take ownership.

Septic Certification

Every property is different, but Carmel Valley buyers should consider requesting a septic certification when buying a property on septic. This can be negotiated up front in the offer so that you get into contract with a seller willing to perform a certification. Buyers tend to feel they have a clean slate when negotiating this into their purchase, so we always encourage they make the effort. Sellers can always say no, but you never know until you ask.