Take a look at 15 of the hottest home design trends for 2015 on lushome.com. The current trends we see in architecture and interior design are variations on 5 home design themes. Use these 5 trendy design themes for inspiration to create the house and grounds that are a perfect fit for your lifestyle and family.

Home Design Trends - wine cellar

1) Dedicated space:

From underground garages and wine cellars, to basketball courts and home theaters, spaces designed to fit your passions are a hot trend. Your home is your castle and should fulfill your deepest desires. Don’t stop with just the basics, add custom lighting, luxurious finishes, and all the fine details for a space both functional and fabulous. Make the trend your own, don’t limit your creativity. If you’re a connoisseur of fine vodkas instead of wines, a custom walk-in freezer can be designed to outshine the coolest ice bar. Is fashion your passion? Don’t settle for a basic walk-in closet, add mechanized racks for shoes or suits, up-to-the-moment lighting, and a safe for your cherished accessories. Your creativity, coupled with fine craftsmanship, can create the perfect space for your treasured items and pastimes.

5 Home design trends

2) Glass:

It’s giving new light and life to your dream home. The breathtaking views in our area demand glass walls. Don’t let any architectural element obscure the views that made you fall in love with your home. Glass walls, glass balcony and deck railings, and other exterior glass elements can bring the beauty of nature right into your home. Want to expand that spacious feel without building an atrium that eats up valuable floor space? Consider the gorgeous trend of glass floors and ceilings, opening up space and flooding your home with light without losing a single valuable room! Many featured homes showcase the combination of glass and water. Outdoor pools placed next to a glass wall bring the elements of air and water right up to the interior and welcome their best qualities inside. Consider playful and practical uses for windows. A loft bed for a child feels like a sailing ship with round windows to gaze through, and a flip of a switch can frost a gorgeous glass wall in a bedroom or bath to preserve privacy when desired. Modern royalty are using glass for more than just slippers today!


3) Outdoor and added living spaces:

Your property can expand your living space exponentially! Creative designs and uses for outdoor rooms and independent structures add both functionality and fabulous design elements to your home. Infinity or lap pools drenched in sun or lighting the night, elaborate decks and outdoor kitchens for entertaining, welcoming tree houses and guest cottages; you can make your home feel as expansive as your hospitality. Imagination is the only limit to the additions of comfort and extravagance these features can bring to your home and property.


4) Family fantasies:

Add space and features for yourself and your adult interests, but don’t forget kid-centric spaces, too. Consider a slide on the stairs to the children’s wing, hidden indoor hideaways or passages between rooms, and fantasy built-ins to bedrooms and play areas. These family fantasy elements add to your family’s comfort. Your whole home doesn’t have to be kid friendly, but don’t forget that pirate ship beds, princess tower reading nooks, and outdoor play spaces can assure that you’re not just creating your own dream home, but your children’s dream home too!

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5) Invite Mother Nature in:

When imagining, creating, and installing your new architectural and design features; look to nature for inspiration. Natural materials continue to be the most modern and attractive choices available today. Rich woods, rugged stone, gleaming metals, and gorgeous glass are in demand as design materials. Sustainability is always on trend, too, when it comes to sourcing and installation. Expand on the natural theme and bring it indoors by adding water features or an indoor garden, and by showcasing striking views or landscape features and using glass to make them feel a part of your home.

Use these themes and this article as a spark for your imagination and invest in the value of your home, to pay dividends of comfort, luxury, and enjoyment in every square foot of your own personal castle and grounds. With these 5 trendy home design themes for inspiration, leverage creativity and craftsmanship into the perfect home for your lifestyle and family.