Welcome to Carmel River State Beach in Carmel, CA!

We could all use a little more work life balance, and Carmel River State Beach is one of the best Carmel locations to enjoy some activities that tip the scale. We put together a list of our favorite things to do at Carmel River State Beach and Carmel Point. Next time you have an hour of spare time in Carmel, you will be equipped with some new ideas of how to spend it! First, it might be helpful to have a little background info. 

What and Where is Carmel River State Beach?

Located in Carmel, California near Carmel Point, Carmel River State Beach is a one mile long state park with a lagoon created by the Carmel River. The lagoon is a popular location for bird watching enthusiasts due to the many species of migratory birds that call it home. It’s also an exciting venue for divers thanks to the abundant kelp forests. Fun fact – in the early 1600s, Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino camped at the Carmel River State Beach on one of his expeditions!

5 Reasons to Escape to Carmel River State Beach

Moving on to our list of fun activities by the ocean. Sunscreen, sandals, and a towel might come in handy! The video at the bottom of the page shows locals and visitors enjoying the beautiful scenery.

#1 A Great Venue for a Date

In the video, we had fun interacting with fellow beach goers and seeing what they were up to. One couple from England planned a nice walk on the beach before heading back to the Hyatt for dinner overlooking the bay. They said Carmel is one of their favorite places to vacation. 

#2 An Adventure with the Kids

Carmel Beach is a favorite of ours in Carmel because the sand is so soft, and does not have heaps of seaweed blocking your path. Kids can make sand castles and play in the water, and the contours of the beach line are perfect for teens to go skim boarding! Adults can enjoy the scenic views while watching the sun go down.

Carmel River State Beach

Carmel River State Beach at sunset! Pic by Joel Hopkins

#3 A Walk With Your Best Friend (aka your puppy!)

After a long day, it’s so easy to hop on the couch and watch your favorite Netflix show, but your furry best friend would love a walk around the streets of Carmel Point! It’s flat, so you don’t have to worry about hills, and there are plenty of beautiful houses to muse. 

#4 A Lunch Break by the Beach

Got an hour to kill before you go back to work? Try taking a quick drive to Carmel River State Beach parking lot. You can roll your windows down and listen to the waves crash against the sand while eating your favorite sandwich or salad. It makes for a refreshing return to wrap up your work day. 

#5 A Scenic Run Around Carmel Point

Everyone has their preferred time to exercise, mine is in the early morning, it is absolutely beautiful! The video has a great shot of Carmel Point at around 6:30am when I was running from Carmel River State Beach to Santa Lucia Ave. 

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, and we often forget to make time to enjoy it with the hustle and bustle of our daily schedules. Next time you have an hour of free time, check out Carmel River State Beach on Carmel Point. You might find that some time spent near the ocean was the icing on the cake for a spectacular day in Carmel. 

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