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Looking for the perfect home? Consider our Big Sur homes for sale, each home is unique and special, but they all have 7 great features in common…there is so much to love about Big Sur and so much to love about making your new home there. So take a look at the features our listings share, and then take a closer look at all our featured Big Sur homes for sale…you’ll be so glad you did!

The 7 fabulous features of Big Sur Homes:

1. Location, location, location! Big Sur is the best of California living, where the forest meets the hills, and the hills meet the sea. You can have nature at your door, while still staying close to world-class dining, shopping, and golf.
2. The views! Whether you’re home looks out into the redwood forest, the rocky hills, or the Pacific Ocean, the views from Big Sur homes are unparalleled. Big Sur homes are designed to maximize the views and bring the outdoors into your living space.
3. Wide open spaces! Out here, everything feels bigger. It may be that this is where the sky meets the sea and the hills, or it may be our large land parcels and our spacious homes built for living large and entertaining…but you’ll love all this space, both inside and out.
4. Privacy. Big Sur homes are a far cry from city living. Here, you have enough land and enough home to truly relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Many of our homes have the additional privacy of being located in gated communities.
5. Water. Whether you love the ocean, rivers, pools, or hot tubs, Big Sur homes have a deep connection with water, both the natural features and exquisitely designed features.
6. Nature! From whale and dolphin watching, to rare birds in the redwoods, nature is all around you in Big Sur. We live right alongside nature’s kingdom, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the wilderness from the comfort of our own homes.
7. Natural elements. Big Sur homes are designed in harmony with their natural surroundings. Wood, glass, and stone are combined to create homes that belong shoulder-to-shoulder with Manzanita, Redwoods, the rocky coastline, and the ever-changing sea.

Now that you know more about the area, take a look at our featured listings to find the best combination of fabulous features and truly unique designs. We have the most beautiful Big Sur homes for sale, so take advantage of the 7 fabulous features they all have in common to find your dream home right here!