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Welcome to the second segment of our three part series of art galleries in Carmel. In case you missed last week’s blog featuring Michael Kent Lynberg, you can find it here. This week we are featuring Nancy Dodds Gallery on 7th and San Carlos in downtown Carmel.

Nancy was hired in 1991 as the Director of Le Celle Gallery, which had locations in both Carmel and Marin County. After five years, the owner of Le Celle told Nancy he would either sell her the Carmel location, or close it. Nancy jumped on the opportunity. She renamed it Nancy Dodds Gallery because the clientele of the business had been working primarily with her since she started. Owning an art gallery in Carmel gave Nancy exposure to connect with relatives in Santa Cruz she had never met.

Interviewing Nancy was a delight, but what really impressed me was observing the way she interacts with her clients. One nice couple came in during our visit. They have been on her mailing list for years and have purchased numerous pieces with Nancy throughout the course of their relationship. When they left they gave Nancy a big hug, and it was obvious they really trust her. When I asked Nancy about her relationship with her clients, she said she really gets to know them along with the artists she works with. She keeps a scrapbook of thank you notes from clients, pictures with artists and friends, publicity mentions, etc. The scrapbook is incredible, I had a first hand look and the level of care she puts in is a testament to her success.

I asked Nancy for some tips on how to select art for your home. Her number one motto for art is that you have to love it. There is a need for size fitting certain spaces, but try to break through your preset notions. She often tells clients, “I know this is what you’re thinking, but here’s another way to look at it.” For example, Nancy says many people want a big piece behind the couch, but she has three smaller pieces of different shapes and sizes behind hers, and she couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. Nancy says, “Art is bossy, and it’s going to tell you where it’s going to go.” She lets clients take things from her store on approval if they are local or coming back soon. They get to try it out, and figure out if it works in their house. If not, they can bring the piece back.

One of my favorite parts of interviewing owners of art galleries in Carmel is inquiring about their favorite paintings. Some of the paintings in Nancy’s gallery that she really likes are below.

Art Galleries in Carmel

Leslie Rich | The Socialite

Art Galleries in Carmel

Randall Sexton | Bee City

Art Galleries in Carmel

Leslie Rich | Contemplating Dessert



  1. Dottie Juett says:

    Nancy is wonderful! We never miss visiting her gallery when we are visiting Carmel two or three times a year. All her paintings are lovely, wish we had more room for us to hang them.

    Both she and Cosmo make you feel so welcome. She always has time for you when you stop in. She also knows most of the gallery owners so we know how good she is.

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