Looking for Carmel Single Level Homes For Sale?

The purpose of this post is to give you a live feed of single level listings. The listings below are updated automatically as new information feeds the MLS.

Sometimes, there are privately available listings that never make it to the MLS known as office exclusives. Many of our clients have benefited from these opportunities, and if you would like to be kept informed on these rare finds, let us know by completing the form below.

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Single Level Living in Carmel

There is a strong demand for single level living in Carmel for many reasons. A few are outlined below:

  • Design – The aesthetics and flow of a single level home can be very rewarding. You can easily create an open concept with a smooth indoor/outdoor living arrangement.
  • Convenience – Having one floor in the home allows for easy trips around the house, and not just for those in their later years. In the modern digital world where convenience is key for millennials, wouldn’t having an easy, conveniently designed home be a plus?
  • Entertaining – Single level living can maximize the use of space so that more people can fit more comfortably in one room.

How’s the Market for Single Story Homes in Carmel?

The market for single level homes in Carmel is very strong with a price per square foot of over $1,080 on average and an average of just 55 days on to sell. Buyers considering a Carmel acquisition should be confident in the resale value of a single level home in such an outstanding coastal location.

How to Organize & Furnish a Single Level Home in Carmel

You’ve heard the saying, “don’t buy a house because of your furniture,” or something along those lines! Well, once you’ve found a single level home you love, you get to spend some time designing how you want to furnish the space. One style that we are seeing more and more is built in shelves.

Built by Alan Lehman

We’re also noticing thoughtfully designed nooks for a work space. Maximizing the use of every square foot of space is particularly important when working with a 1,600 square foot limit on a little 4,000 square foot lot.

Entertaining in a Single Level Carmel Home

There’s a good reason why open floor plans are so popular these days. Two people are cooking, three people are on the bar stools, another four are on the couch and chairs in the living room talking, two more are sitting at the dining room table, and everyone can see each other. A single level home allows you to create that big open environment that everyone can enjoy.