Whether we are cleaning up a few things to prepare a new listing to hit the market, or helping a buyer connect with the right people to renovate once escrow has closed on their purchase, we receive several inquiries each week on recommendations for vendors and services in Carmel Valley, particularly requests for a Carmel Valley handyman. We put this criteria checklist together to share with you our process of hiring vendors. There are a few key items we look for when selecting a vendor in Carmel Valley to help us with a house. For some tips on how to spruce up your home to prepare for the spring selling season, click here

Factors to Evaluate When Hiring Vendors

  • Pricing – we work with vendors who are fair and reasonable with their rates
  • Reputation – we often use vendors for our personal residences so we know first hand the kind of work they do
  • Availability – we hire vendors who are not too busy to work with us
  • Reliability – we trust the real estate vendors we work with, and we know if something goes wrong, they will be honest and work with us to find a solution
  • Like Factor – we do business with people we like

If you are considering hiring someone to work for you, the above criteria will be helpful in selecting the right folks for the job. If you are looking for our recommendations, we have a full list available upon request, but wanted to highlight a particular individual who has been one of our best resources when it comes to home improvement.

Versatile Carmel Valley Handyman

Carlos Fabian

For years we have worked with a man named Carlos Fabian. Carlos seems to work 30 hours a day and always does an outstanding job. His range of skill sets is seemingly endless – from repairing fences to painting walls, landscaping, rebuilding decks, or simple things like gardening and maintenance around the house, the list goes on and on. Aside from his incredible work ethic, Carlos is a pleasure to be around and has a wonderful sense of humor. If you are looking for a Carmel Valley handyman, send us an email for Carlos’s contact info at Team@TheHeinrichTeam.com.