Are you interested in Carmel Valley land for sale?

Have you ever dreamed of building a house in Carmel Valley? How about buying and holding land as the market appreciates over time? Carmel Valley, CA on the Monterey Peninsula has some wonderful offerings on the market. Here are the available properties! This article will update with live MLS data for active listings, so the listings you see will update accordingly.

Factors to consider when investing in Carmel Valley land for sale:

  • Cash vs Financing – Banks usually will not lend for land purchases in this market, but sometimes sellers will carry a note if you can come to an agreement on down payment and interest rate terms.
  • Permits – If you plan to build, you might want to investigate if the property has a permitted building envelope. If not, you can go through the planning department to apply for a permit.
  • Water – Does the property have a meter? Is there a well? Water is expensive in Carmel Valley, so be sure to do due diligence on the water system. Is the property located in the Mal Paso Water Entitlement territory? Is it in Water West?
  • Utilities – If you plan to build on the property, is there reasonable access to utilities from the building site?
  • HOA’s – Is the land you’re considering in a Home Owner’s Association? If so, are there any restrictions the HOA has in place that might limit you from what you’re trying to accomplish with your investment? Your Realtor can put you in contact with the HOA management representative.

Recent Carmel Valley Land Sales Statistics

Carmel Valley Land Recent Statistics

Carmel Valley Land Recent Statistics

There were twelve lots sold over the last year in Carmel Valley. The Days on Market and Sale Price to List Price Ratio are demonstrated above.

We hope this helps you in your search for Carmel Valley land for sale!