Welcome to Corkscrew – Carmel Valley Village

If you have ever planned a wedding, or if you are planning one now, you know that picking a wedding venue is not the only difficult decision when it comes to great locations. Identifying a venue for the rehearsal dinner can be just as challenging. Why? Well, for starters, it is not an inexpensive component of the wedding process. Secondly, there is the proximity to the wedding venue itself and the hotels where the guests will be staying. Finally, it is the availability of the possible choices you have identified.

We stumbled upon Corkscrew in Carmel Valley Village as a possible candidate for our wedding rehearsal dinner. Corkscrew is arguably the most beautiful site for outdoor dining in Carmel Valley Village with its expansive venue full of beautiful trees, gardens, and outdoor lighting illuminating the tranquil evenings in the valley.

While at Corkscrew a couple weeks ago, we decided to inquire whether they would be open to hosting a rehearsal dinner for us. We hadn’t heard about this venue as an option, so we were surprised and excited to hear a quick “yes” from the manager. We were then given a tour of the spaces available to reserve, and found the location below to be our favorite for a dinner of 35-40 people.

If you haven’t tried the cuisine at Corkscrew or the delicious wines from Cowgirl and Georis owned by Walter Georis, they are an absolute treat. The venue is warm and welcoming with its rustic grounds and beautiful colors. We felt this was an opportunity too good not to share with our readers who might know someone local or out of the area who might be planning a wedding. If you like this topic, be sure to check out our blog on Getting Married in Carmel Valley and More.