Casanova Lots

A little over two years ago we represented the seller and buyer of four lots with historic cabins on Casanova between Ocean and 4th Ave. With approved plans and a wonderful building and design team, we are now offering these properties for sale! One exciting aspect of this project is the rich history of the existing cabins. They were owned by the same family for over a hundred years, and deemed historic by the city of Carmel, so architect Thomas Bateman Hood spent 26 months immersing himself into a beautiful design that maintains the integrity of those cabins. Here is a short welcome video, and you can follow along as we progress with our Youtube page and Facebook page. 

The offering consists of two homes – Lot 1 will be a three bedroom main house with a guest house offered at $5,995,000, and lot 2 will be a three bedroom home for $4,695,000. Sketches and designs below. 

Lot 1 – $5,995,000

Lot 2 – $4,695,000