In 2019, Coldwell Banker released an incredible program called Realvitalize allowing sellers to spruce up their homes with renovations without coming out of pocket for those expenses. The Realvitalize program would fund the renovations and get reimbursed at close of escrow when the house sells with zero interest. As long as the homeowner has enough equity in their home, it works out very well for the seller and the buyer. Through this program, sellers can make cosmetic improvements such as interior and exterior paint or new floors – giving the home a completely fresh look ready to sell. Sometimes properties need more systemic repairs such as modern electrical or plumbing, and we have first hand experience that Realvitalize can handle that too! We’ll share more details in our Coldwell Banker Realvitalize case study below. 

Coldwell Banker Realvitalize Case Study

We recently represented a great client on the sale of her home in Northeast Carmel-by-the-Sea. A very cute cottage conveniently located off 2nd Avenue. We had many showings and great activity at open houses, and our client did an incredible job making repairs and improvements before listing and throughout the time on market. We noticed that after reading the home inspection, many buyers were hesitant to make offers due to the dated electrical system. We contacted our Coldwell Banker Realvitalize representative and made arrangements to have a new panel installed and have the house completely rewired with over twenty new receptacles bringing the electrical up to code. This was great for concerns regarding insurance in Carmel, and really improved the quality of our showings. Coldwell Banker covered the cost of the electrical and a few plumbing improvements including low flow toilets that created additional water credits for a potential buyer. The improvements our seller made with the help of Realvitalize quickly generated a strong offer and affected a sale. 

This Coldwell Banker Realvitalize program is one that we want to continue encouraging our clients to use after that successful experience. We manage the entire process, so there is minimal work needed from the seller. If you know anyone who could benefit from this kind of a program, please let us know how we can get in touch!