Homes for dogs

“Dogs. Making happy homes even happier.”

Of course, you would know this already; so many of our neighbors are dog lovers! We love our pets. They’re family. Our homes are their homes. And all pets deserve a good home, with a loving family. Did you see Coldwell Banker’s ad campaign on Oscar night? Their Homes for Dogs Program has taken off. You can help.

Being in the business of finding homes for people for over 100 years, Coldwell Banker understands your special needs. Now, in partnership with, we’re extending our help to ‘man’s best friend’! This synergistic relationship with Adopt-a-Pet works: they are North America’s largest not-for-profit pet adoption website. Together this year, we intend to assist up to 20,000 of our furry but homeless friends in finding their perfect family. Is there anything more heart-warming than arriving home, opening your door, and greeting your special animal friend? In case you missed it, here’s the commercial that was run on Oscar night:

It’s heart-breaking to know that dogs – along with other animals – often find themselves abandoned or otherwise in need of serious TLC. On Coldwell’s Adopt-a-Pet page, you’ll be made aware of three key ways to help dogs in our Homes for Dogs Program:

  1. Volunteering. Adopt-a-Pet makes it easy for you to find a way to volunteer.
  2. Social PETworking. We know many of our friends enjoy some degree of social networking. To Twitter a Critter, or use Facebook to get the message out, couldn’t be easier. Search for a dog, cat, or other pet on Adopt-a-Pet’s website. Choose the animal friend you want to help. This gives you their vitals. Click on a social media button to get things started. Please use the #homerocks hashtag in any post you create.
  3. Welcome homepage. Do you have a personal or business Web page? Adopt-a-Pet has a variety of ‘pet search widgets’ you can easily add to your site.

Helping a homeless pet already has our help, hopefully your help, and a lot of traction and press. In a recent Mashable article, Rob Siltanen of Siltanen & Partners, Coldwell Bander’s ad agency, was interviewed about the Home’s Best Friend commercial that launched this year’s Academy Awards. While it may seem that this is the “year of the dog in advertising”, we who love dogs might say every year – every day – is the right time for our beloved pets. In the interview, Siltanen said the true value of one’s home “extends far beyond dollars and cents and square feet.” And as stated earlier, what better way to bring the message home about pets than to show so many coming home scenes where our animal friends eagerly greet us at the door?

For more information about how to help others ‘extend’ their loving homes, please visit Coldwell’s Home’s Best Friend website, Adopt-a-Pet’s website, or catch the Brand Channel interview of Coldwell Banker’s CMO, Sean Blankenship.

Here are some of our favorite videos about the Coldwell Banker Homes for Dogs program:

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