DIY Staining and Repurposing a Dresser Drawer

For Realtors, sheltering in place doesn’t mean we don’t go to work. We have everything we need to work remotely with our laptops and cell phones, but in between work we’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather to work on some house projects! One in particular we wanted to share with you. Our friend had an extra drawer to a dresser(not sure why or how) and asked if we were interested in repurposing it. We love DIY projects, and we’ve been wanting something to use for a vegetable garden, so we jumped on it a few months ago. Of course, it got pushed to the back burner, and this nice dresser drawer has been gathering dust waiting for our handy work. We were debating whether to paint it white or stain it, and finally decided on a nice cedar stain and weather sealant. We haven’t decided yet if we’ll use it as a vegetable garden, or flip it over and put a waterproof cushion on it for an outdoor dog bed, but we love how it turned out and enjoyed filming the process!

We had limited equipment, did the sanding by hand, and know very little about staining in general, but the sun was going down and the weather was perfect for an evening project. What house projects are you working on during shelter in place?