Looking for the perfect home? Consider our 7 Fabulous Features of Carmel Homes for Sale, each home is unique and special, but they all have features in common…there is so much to love about Carmel and so much to love about making your new home there. So take a look at the features our listings share, and then take a closer look at all our featured Carmel and Carmel-by-the-Sea homes for sale…you’ll be so glad you did!

The 7 fabulous features of Carmel Homes:

  1. Location, location, location!

    Carmel is consistently rated one of California’s Top Ten destinations. From the beautiful natural features of the area, to the charming European village downtown, there’s everything to love about Carmel!

  2. Features of Carmel Homes

  3. The commute!

    We know, it’s an unusual claim in California, but the commute is one of the best in the nation. Nationwide, your average commute is 25 minutes or more, but in Carmel, it’s a mere 15 minutes! Let’s not even compare our commutes to Los Angeles…

  4. Your Best Friend is welcome!

    Carmel is known for our love of canine companions. From restaurants and pubs, to hotels and shops, our city welcomes your furry friends with open arms. There’s no better place to live with your pup than right here in Carmel.

  5. Small Town Living.

    Carmel has chosen to keep our friendly village atmosphere, and we honor our roots. Our village post office still serves all our residents without house-to-house delivery, our street names are quaint, and our homes have names and character all their own!

  6. Water.

    Whether you love the ocean, rivers, pools, or hot tubs, Carmel homes have a deep connection with water, both the natural coastline and the exquisitely designed water features in our homes for sale.

  7. Architecture.

    Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Sumner Greene, Hugh Gutterson, Henry Hill, and other famous architects have been tempted into creating beautiful homes here. Carmel is known for the eclectic style of its homes, with English Cottages sitting side-by-side with Craftsman homes and modern glass and stone marvels. A stroll through our winding streets is always inspiring!

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  9. The stroll.

    Carmel is a village, and we value a leisurely stroll. A visit to the town post office can lead you to a favorite coffee shop where your canine companion can also receive a drink. Then stroll down to the beach and enjoy the sun and sand. Stroll back through the village for a lunch with friends. Everything you need here is within easy walking distance.

  10. Now that you know more about the area, take a look at our featured listings to find the best combination of fabulous features and truly unique designs. We have the most beautiful Carmel homes for sale, so take advantage of the 7 fabulous features they all have in common to find your dream home right here!

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