From Scratch

Upon looking at the menu of this bustling breakfast joint in Carmel’s Barnyard, you’ll find Guy Fieri’s endorsement, and if that doesn’t convince you to sit down and try a meal, the great food and great service will probably convince you that it was worth your morning. From Scratch is full of smiling faces, happy kids, and dogs saying hello to each other. I like the local atmosphere away from downtown with its easy to understand menu and fast pace. It’s good for a workday when I don’t have much time but need a good bite. It’s good for brunch on the weekends when you want to take your time and then walk it off with a cruise around the Barnyard shops. The staff is friendly and attentive, and there is a sense of urgency, so you know they are busy and you know they care. You can sit inside or outside, the coffee is great, and they have a few morning alcoholic beverages to choose from for those who are curious. 

A small detail that I find makes a big impact – the tables outside are beautiful. They are oversized – even the two tops, so you have plenty of room. I bring a newspaper and a laptop, and I order a coffee and a water, and there is plenty of room for all of my things. The chairs don’t wobble, neither do the tables. This is due to the nice level flooring on their patio. It’s a detail that makes for a better experience, and something I haven’t seen anywhere else. Kudos, From Scratch. You have a new fan!