Thinking of Getting Married in Carmel Valley?

When chatting with visitors of the Monterey Peninsula who we meet at open houses or out and about, we sometimes run into folks who are visiting to attend a wedding. The Monterey Peninsula offers some of the most iconic and beautiful scenery on the California coast, so it is no surprise that so many weddings are held here year after year. From the beautiful sunset vistas at Pebble Beach wedding venues such as Spanish Bay, to the beach ceremonies with toes in the sand at Carmel Beach, to the warmer Carmel Valley sunny wedding receptions, the Monterey Peninsula has a wide variety of wedding options to choose from if you are considering getting married here. The focus of this article is getting married in Carmel Valley and we sprinkled in a couple of our favorites from surrounding neighborhoods. We’ll include an overview of each venue, and a map showing the locations of the venues.

Here are some wedding venues to consider if you are thinking of getting married in Carmel Valley!

Carmel Valley Wedding Venues

  • Gardener Ranch
  • Quail Lodge
  • Carmel Valley Ranch
  • Holman Ranch
  • Holly Farm
  • Bernardus Lodge

A Few Other Monterey Peninsula Wedding Venues to Consider

  • The Hyatt, Carmel Highlands
  • Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach
  • Tarpy’s, Monterey HWY 68
  • Nicklaus Club, Monterey HWY 68


Did you get married in Carmel Valley? We would love to hear your story below in the comments!