If you missed last year‘s poetry contest, click here for a quick recap of how much fun we had meeting local youth poets at our first Heinrich Team Poetry Contest. We were pleasantly surprised to receive many submissions for our first competition, which quickly inspired us to plan the second year. This year we will be meeting at a new venue rather than our Coldwell Banker office, so stay tuned for that information!

Ben is a poetry enthusiast and I really enjoyed watching the way he lit up as the young talented poets showcased their skills. It was wonderful to hear a poem read by one of the competitors, and we look forward to hearing more poems recited this year. If you are a writer and you’ve always wanted to share your beautiful poems, we encourage you to take part in our poetry contest, and even though there is an element of competition, it is really a community gathering for a common interest with everyone supporting and encouraging each other. All of the competitors are winners and champions in our book, and it takes a lot of bravery to participate in something like this, so we applaud anyone who is up for the challenge. Bring on the poems!