Point Lobos | A Unique Microclimate

The micro-climates along the Monterey Peninsula are distinct and can be very rewarding. Last week it pouring down rain in Monterey, but something told us a Point Lobos hike still might be a possibility. We were not disappointed in our decision. The sun came out, the rain stopped, and we took full advantage of a gorgeous day hiking and exploring!

A Brief History of Point Lobos

We stopped at Whaler’s Cabin and took a peak inside. After many ooh’s and ahh’s, we started reading the history and examining the artifacts from many years ago. We’ll let the pictures below take you on a historical journey, but here are three of our favorite factoids from the day:

  • The Point Lobos Cannery is thought to be the only cannery in the United States that was devoted exclusively to abalones
  • In World War II, Point Lobos was considered a strategically important location when their was concern of invasion on the West Coast
  • The tiny Whaler’s Cabin was inhabited by eight adult men!

For the Novice to Intermediate Hiker

Not every hike has to be a Garrapata personal feat. Sometimes it’s nice to get outside and explore the mild terrain, watch the baby sea lions and their mothers, and enjoy good company. Point Lobos does just that. There are trails with more hills and steps for the adventurer, as well as easy loops with comparable sweeping ocean vistas. The bottom line – Point Lobos is one of the most stunning sceneries in all of the Monterey Peninsula, and we are lucky to have such quick access to it. If you haven’t already visited, be sure to spend an hour there next time you’re in town. It is worth the effort, and you’ll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views Carmel has to offer!