Hiking Jack’s Peak

We’ve been craving a mellow hike away from the crowds, so we decided on Jack’s Peak – somewhere we’ve seen and shown homes, but never knew about the hiking potential. We couldn’t believe we’ve lived here 11 years and never knew about this incredible hike! We took our yellow lab, and packed some snacks, though our hike was only about 1.5 miles. It was amazing finding such wonderful scenery just a few minutes from home. As a kid, I would travel hours to the Eastern Sierra’s with my grandfather to backpack for days on end, and even these small hikes always take me back to those great memories.

Jack’s Peak has an easy loop that takes about 20 minutes, but the views were a total surprise. At the beginning of the loop you have views of the Monterey Bay, then the trail leads you a bit further into the woods, and you come out with views of Carmel Point, and Carmel Valley. In 20 minutes we were able to see views to the Santa Cruz mountains, and views to Carmel Valley Ranch. It was stunning, and well worth the hour out of our day.

A quick hike is sometimes what we need to connect with nature, and go on a short vacation from all of the distractions. Where are some of your favorite hikes on the peninsula?