Looking For a Great New Hike?

After realizing several of our team members hiked Palo Corona at different times over the past month, we decided a blog post was in order! When you hike Palo Corona, you’ll notice it looks quite similar to a golf course – the former Rancho Canada golf course to be exact.

Accompanied by beautiful wildlife and scenic views of the mountains, this is an ideal place to spend an afternoon and a great place to bring the dogs for an adventure. The lush green grasses and fields show off everything we love about Carmel Valley, and it’s a quick drive from Carmel or Carmel Valley Village. 

Golden hour here is incredible with the sun hitting all the right places. The trails meander in various directions, and hikers are frequently presented with choices to go in different directions. There are easy loops, and more difficult hikes with steeper grades. There are beautiful bridges, rolling hills, and endless scents for dogs to explore.  

palo corona

Palo Corona is the Pawfect place to sniff!