We continued our great hikes with a trip to Point Lobos. We joined some friends from the Central Valley who had never seen Point Lobos, and realized we hadn’t spent too much time there ourselves! The trails are gorgeous, and there are so many options for great hikes. We stayed close to the water, but enjoyed the many opportunities to change routes and turn inland for what seemed like longer and more strenuous hikes. We will certainly be back to explore further, but this was great for the outing we had in mind.

Point Lobos is not without its crowds, so parking can be tedious and if you park outside off of Highway 1, the walk inside can be dangerous. We were careful, and tried to stay away from the Highway as much as possible. Once inside, the trails were quite busy, but the scenery was stunning. The water is so clear, and the hot sun and periodic incline on the trail allow for a great workout. The views are stunning, and we wish we took more photos, but this gives you an idea of the amazing views of the coastline from Point Lobos hiking trails.