Inspected HousePreparation is the key element in successfully selling a home. The first and most important step in preparation is completion of a Home Inspection. Sellers often ask, “What should we do to make our home as attractive as possible?” We consistently answer , “Lets complete a Home Inspection. It is the best investment you can make.” Many sellers are a bit surprised by that answer, but here is why it is so important.

1. Proper preparation means no surprises. A Home Inspection can identify issues up front so they can be dealt with and accounted for in the pricing and marketing.

2. Better Offers. Having a Home Inspection available for a buyer prospect results in better and higher offers. So many times I have heard buyers comment “We like the home but we don’t know anything about its condition.” If they do make an offer without the inspection buyers usually hedge their bets and come in lower than they otherwise would.

3. Negotiation strength. If a seller chooses not to complete a Home Inspection he is at risk when negotiating with a buyer. Once the seller and buyer agree and enter a contract, the buyer completes a Home Inspection as part of their due diligence process. This can lead to a situation where the buyer knows more about the condition of the home than the seller. The buyer is now in a stronger negotiating position and may ask for price reductions if there are conditions apparent that were unknown to the seller.

4. Full disclosure. Completing a Home Inspection aids the seller in making a full and thorough disclosure. Real estate law requires a seller to disclose all material items concerning the condition of the home. Buyers also appreciate the seller’s good faith efforts to be forthcoming and helpful in making the disclosures.

The next time you attend an Open House, look for the Inspection Reports. This is a good initial sign that the seller is acting to make information available in a timely fashion.

  1. Happy Holiday’s Heinrich Team!

    I’m the proud owner of Carmel Handyman Services. Lately, I’ve seen more and more preliminary Home Inspections as you’ve discussed in this article. I’ve been getting called in to take care of the To Do lists that come with the inspection process. I most often do fence and deck repair, painting, light plumbing and electrical. I’ve got a long list of referrals and contacts. I’m friends with some of the best general contractors around and use their tradesmen to take care of everything that is either beyond my scope or that needs to be done by a licensed professional. I would love the opportunity to meet with you guys and to work together. Happy Holiday’s!

    Jon West

  2. Hello Heinrichs!

    Its nice to hear from you and I am happy that we follow each other on Twitter! I just wanted to say that your advice to sellers on obtaining a home inspection is right on. Thank you for explaining the reasoning!

    Real estate sales down here in Cambria have significantly increased in the last half of 2009. I look forward to sending referrals your way in 2010!

    Becky Adams
    Broker-Associate, Coldwell Banker Don Bricker, Inc.

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