You might have caught the first part of this series of how using a tech savvy agent can benefit Carmel sellers in 2019. In this piece we’ll focus on how agents maximizing technology can take the buying experience to new heights, and it’s perfect for Carmel because many of these buyers are second home buyers.

Simplifying the Process of Buying a Vacation Home in Carmel with Video

For many second, third, fourth home buyers, access to the entire MLS on consumer real estate websites like Zillow and has provided significant improvements in the buying process. No longer do you have to make a trip to Carmel to see your agent who has exclusive access to the MLS. Consumers can weed out the bad from the good and schedule showings of their favorite properties with their agent when they plan a visit – but that’s just it. Planning the visit! Many interested Carmel buyers are so busy between work and family that they struggle to find time make a trip. In a hot market you need to be quick to seize opportunities when they come up before another buyer snaps up your dream house, but two-four hour drive is holding you back. In 2019, second home buyers are going to need an agent willing to preview a property on their behalf, take a detailed video and send it rather than having them make the trip. Sending a video is easy when it’s 30 seconds long, but most walkthroughs are longer and take up more data. The agent then needs to have a system of uploading videos to their computer and creating  sharable link for the client to access easily without needing much bandwidth. This is where tech comes into play, and the agents who understand it and make it easy for the client are going to be needed more than ever. Of course, the benefits discussed in the last piece regarding tech and mobility apply to buyer as well.