Fog in Monterey

I recently received a question from a client thinking about moving to the area about fog days on the Monterey Peninsula and thought I should share the answer:

Here’s a link to more weather stats from our local navy base, the naval post graduate school. Clearly July and August are the foggiest months, but considering the definition for “fog days” (also on the page linked), the statistic can be misleading. Most days in July and August the pattern is that the fog burns off at about 9am in Carmel Valley, and is usually gone by 11am on the coast. There will be some days when the fog never seems to burn off, and there are some days when there is no fog. For months outside of July and August the fog is really not that much of a worry at all. I’d say the reason there are “fog days” in these other months is primarily due to some early morning fog that disappears quickly. The weather here really is quite lovely. Rarely too hot and rarely too cold. Hope this local perspective helps!

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