Rain in Monterey

The weather in the Monterey Peninsula is usually gorgeous. But periodically, clients who are thinking of moving here will ask us How Much Rain does the Monterey Peninsula get? The short answer to is not much. The longer answer now follows.

Ask a meteorologist what a normal amount of precipitation is, and she or he would want to look at the statistics for over a 30-year period! Why? In this case “normal” needs a long time to be established. Speaking then of our area, most of the rain we get falls between November and April, and our annual yearly average is about 18 inches of rainfall. As you know if you live in the area, our temperatures are moderate, and the spring and fall offer perhaps the best weather conditions.

WeatherSpark.com offers a good deal of insight and facts about our local climate, but the bottom line on precipitation can be summed up in these ways:

  • The rain we get here is usually light rain.
  • February would be the most likely month to see precipitation, while August would be the least likely.
  • Our warm season, from July to mid-October, has a less than 10% chance of precipitation most days.
  • The potential for snow in our area is “exceptionally” low.

If you’re wondering how much fog the Monterey Peninsula gets, you can find that answer here.

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