Jazz Bash By The Bay FrankKeillor

Where do “world-class musicians make their home” once a year in March? You know it: Monterey! On that note, this year’s 36th Annual Jazz Bash by the Bay takes place from March 4-6, 2016. This is where you can hear great jazz, swing, blues and more, all in your historic Monterey.

The list of bands and artists appearing this year is impressive, and in addition to who we’ve mentioned, includes:

  • Jeff Barnhart
  • Carl Sonny Leyland Trio
  • Brian Holland
  • Blue Street Jazz Band
  • Tom Rigney & Flambeau

The history of Jazz Bash by the Bay dates back to 1980, when Dixieland Monterey was the theme for the Monterey County Fair. Just three volunteers lined up nine bands, a handful of venues, and some Clydesdales to kick-off the inaugural three-day event. Through very modest budgets at times ($18,000 in 1982), a newly minted Board of Directors and some passionate volunteers continued to create successful and popular events. As Founder John Keller has said, people return each year “because they love the music.”

If you really love great music, and want to get a head start, on Thursday night, March 3, there’s a massive kick-off party featuring big band Clicktrax Jazz orchestra, playing in the De Anza Ballroom. Admission for this separate event is only $25. Another big ticket item that night is the hit trio We3, featuring Bob Draga. They’ll be in the Bonsai Room. Badges for either Thursday night event, and all other events, can be purchased on this Web page, or by phoning (888) 349-6879.

This list was accurate at the time of publication; please check directly with the venue(s) to ensure dates, times, and locations remain the same.

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