Thinking of Doing Some Landscaping?

If you’re considering landscaping, we have a few great texture/color combo’s for you, and there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple!

Dark Bark, Light Gravel

We love sharp contrasts with landscape design, and found this California Golden gravel to be very appealing when used against a dark, thin bark like the examples shown below.



Natural Looking Turf

If you’re considering turf, you might opt for a more natural looking color than the pure green grass. Some turf products have the green mixed with the tan/brown dead grass color, creating a more natural look. We like the Global Syn Garden Super Natural 60.

The Del Rey Oaks Garden Center offers a great example of this. Their address is 899 Rosita Road, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940.

Unique Brick

If you like brick, there’s a great color at Home Depot that we’re using to separate bark from turf and gravel. Laying a brick border has been challenging and time consuming, but it’s going to look great in the end.

Succulents are Still In!

Succulents sprinkled throughout bark is a great look, and it’s very low maintenance! When your bark gets inundated with leaves, just hose or power wash it and then turn it with a rake. It’s a little tedious, but if you do it once a month, your landscaping will stay looking fresh!

The Modern Planter

We hope these ideas help you draw inspiration as we head into the fall season!