Property Details

  • TYPE: Land
  • STATUS: For Sale
  • PRICE: $1,550,000
  • LOT SIZE: 5 acres
  • COMMUNITY: Big Sur

Property Description

Big Sur…an iconic and rugged coastline on Highway 1 renown for its beauty and inspiring landscape. To those who live here, it is a place apart… where time stands still between the ticks of the clock.  Its mystique has drawn many famous individuals seeking solitude and peace. Each place apart in Big Sur has its own narrative…and this story begins with Emile Norman, a world famous artist drawn to the land known as Pfeiffer Ridge.


Emile Norman was an Artist, Independent thinker and a man of creative vision. After years of tireless effort working with attorneys, planners, state and county staff,  he created the 175 acre Emile Norman Subdivision which allowing five families to each own a 5 acre parcel. Due to all the planning and foresight and the development of the Mt Clemile Mutual Water Company , these families can build their home only needing to have plans approved and the issuance of a normal Building Permit. This avoids the countless disappointments of many property owners that were not able to build the home they desired due to regulations, lack of water or other natural impediments.


As an owner you also have access to the Timber Claim, an approximate 120 acre scenic easement that surrounds the property and extends to the Big Sur River. The views from the property are spectacular including Pacific Ocean, the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Timber Claim itself with trails and hanging overlooks.


Pfeiffer Ridge  is the heart of Big Sur, named for one of the historic families who had the early opportunity and good fortune to Homestead much  of the best terrain on the coast.  Pfeiffer Ridge is located only minutes from the Big Sur Bakery and the  famous Post Ranch Inn and Ventana Resorts. Access to the property from Highway 1 is via the paved, private, gated Pfeiffer Ridge Road. A second access is available from Highway 1 and on to Pfeiffer Beach via the private, gated Clear Ridge Road.


The 5 acre parcel being offered is a very special opportunity. It enjoys a private and inspirational setting and can be purchased with Detailed Architectural Drawings for an approximate 6000 sq ft home with pool and caretaker’s house.   This contemporary residence was designed by New York based and California certified architect Michael Neumann. These plans have a Combined Development Permit, only needing to be renewed.


Big Sur living is an exceptional experience. From the morning coffee to a visit with your favorite novel. You become a part of the landscape and all that surrounds you….life is short….enjoy


View Detailed Architectural Drawings designed by Michael Neumann


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