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Welcome to our guide to living at Quail. If you take a left onto Carmel Valley Road from Highway 1 and head East into the valley, about 5 minutes in you’ll make a right onto Rancho San Carlos Road, which will lead you to the western border of Quail. An alternative route would be driving another minute or two until you find the official entrance to Quail near Baja Cantina.

There’s a large sign indicating the entrance to beautiful Quail Meadows. These entrances are adjoined by the main road that takes you through Quail known as Valley Greens Drive. Valley Greens has several tributaries that take you into different neighborhoods of Quail – some with condo and townhome developments, others with single-family residences. The homes are structured around a beautiful golf course that we’ll discuss in segments below.

living at quail

Living at Quail

If you have ever visited Quail and been exposed to it’s beautiful sunny weather, a thought may have crossed your mind regarding what it would be like to live there. Quail is a very easy lifestyle with a warm climate, convenient location not too far into the valley, but far enough away from Carmel to get more sunlight.

It’s a quick drive to Carmel Valley Village, or up to Monterey for Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco etc. The country club is pristine with excellent restaurants such as Edgar’s and If you enjoy golf, living at Quail or Carmel Valley Ranch would likely be your preferred cup of tea, and we’ll compare those two locations in this post. 

Quail Lodge Golf Course Layout

A tremendous renovation was completed in 2013 where $28M was invested into Quail resort including the beautiful golf course. Although the golf course has been around since 1964, the renovation really helped make this course a highlight amongst a community rich in golf history.

Architect Todd Echenrode spearheaded the new design and maintained much of the integrity of the original golf course while making needed adjustments in the contours of the course to create the elegant, fun course that is today. Check out how others feel about the course with these Quail testimonials from Golf Advisor.

Quail Lodge Restaurants | Living at Quail

The Quail club offers three dining options below:

Covey Breakfast Restaurant

Covey is a good choice if you are looking for a quick bite before your golf round.

Quail’s Nest Snack Bar

The snack bar is ready for your mid-round sandwich or wrap!

Edgar’s Restaurant

Edgar’s is perfect for a lunch or dinner after a busy day. Here’s the dinner menu.

Other Close Dining Options

If you go to the outskirts of Quail closer to Carmel Valley Road, you’ll find Baja Cantina and a great deli with some of the best tri-tip sandwiches in town!

Quail Homes For Sale | Living at Quail

While there are many more homes for sale in the Preserve, we decided to exclude most of those from the list and set a cap of $2,500,000 as the Preserve is a much different market, and more of a remote, rural lifestyle. Here are the homes and townhomes for sale in Quail. Below is a picture of a new townhome listing we have coming soon to Quail! The natural light is incredible, and it’s located right above the 4th hole tee box!

Quail Lodge Weddings

If you follow Quail Lodges Instagram account, @quaillodgeca, many of the pictures you’ll find involve wedding dresses and tux’s! Quail is a very popular place to get married, and we’re not surprised with all of the lush greenery and pretty ponds.

Quail or Carmel Valley Ranch

For many, the decision comes down to whether to live in Quail or Carmel Valley Ranch. One noteworthy comparison is the terrain. Golfing at Quail is an easy walk – very flat while golfing at the ranch on the back 9 has many steep slopes.

Carmel Valley Ranch is closer to mid valley shopping center and Carmel Valley Village, but further from Carmel and Highway 1. It’s just a few miles, but worth considering when determining where you want to live. Carmel Valley Ranch has a fun River Ranch club that kids and young families really enjoy.

Quail homes offer a wide variety of architectural styles, whereas Carmel Valley Ranch homes do not vary as much in design. Single-family homes in quail can be much more expensive than single-family homes in Carmel Valley Ranch, whereas townhomes between the two are similarly priced. Asking some of the questions below can help you determine the best fit for you between living at Quail or Carmel Valley Ranch.

  • Where would you spend more of your time?
  • Do you work in Carmel?
  • What are the most important features in a home?
  • How much space do you need?
  • What amenities are you looking for?

We hope this guide to Quail comes in handy as you start your real estate search!


  1. Steven Teal says:

    I came across your web site — where you seem to have particular knowledge of properties in the Quail Lodge area of Carmel Valley. Over many years, we have stayed at the Lodge, at Bernardus, and at the Ranch — but I keep coming back to Quail Lodge in particular, and like the golf course,

    I’m an attorney in Santa Rosa. I’m now in a position with retirement from law practice to investigate buying a second home adjoining the golf course at Quail Lodge area. I am staying at the lodge 4 nights starting August 22. If you have such properties on the market or about to come on to the market, feel free to contact me — Steve Teal — 707.481.2016 (cell). My hope is that one of the older houses on the course, not updated, might come on the market at a price that is realistic, where my wife and I can update/remodel, etc. It should be a 4 bedroom house, preferably one story — allowing grandchildren visits.

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