Going out for a cup of coffee or tea – whether you’re alone or in good company, a coffee date can be the best part of your day. Here are a few local shops that make our days special whether it’s a hot cup early in the morning to go for a beach walk, or an afternoon iced latte to get through the 2pm lulls. 

Captain & Stoker – Monterey

The owners of Captain & Stoker are a young local couple who pour their heart and soul into every single cup (or one of their baristas!) The coffee is outstanding – I like it so much I buy their bags for my coffee at home. The space is beautifully designed with high ceilings and a modern/industrial feel. I love the fact that it is close to the Monterey Sports Center, and you can walk straight to the beach. Try one of their delicious pour overs for a completely unique coffee experience. 

Acme Coffee – Seaside

The best way to describe Acme coffee for me is it’s the cup you want when you’re waking up abnormally early in the morning to leave for a road trip, catch a flight, or do something fun outdoors. The coffee is strong, and will wake you up in a hurry. The Acme shop is different than most. It’s not your typical sit down and visit cup of coffee. It’s more suited for to-go coffee visitors with places to go and people to see, but it is entirely welcoming and you really feel like a local when you go. 

Alta Bakery – Monterey

Alta opened fairly recently and has quickly become one of my favorite locations for a great latte. The modern rustic vibe in the incredibly old Molera building is enchanting and the restaurant is always so clean. I love this place, and recommend their coffee and food to anyone. Indoor and outdoor seating, all very welcoming. 

Carmel Bakery – Carmel

Walking the streets of Carmel is one of my greatest joys, and there’s nothing quite like it at 6:30 in the morning with a cup of coffee from Carmel Bakery. It’s a very old bakery dating back to 1906, and when you walk in you almost lose track of time. The baked goods are delicious, and the coffee is spot on. 

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Lilify – Monterey

Lilify is a cute little coffee shop in New Monterey on Lighthouse Avenue. They make fresh scones every day, and one thing very unique about this shop is the 8oz option. Sometimes you don’t want a 12 or 16oz latte, you just need a little jumpstart. The 8oz is perfect for that. A quick walk to the beach or cannery row with your scone and puppy, and you’re well on your way to an excellent day in Monterey. 

Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting – Carmel & Carmel Valley

Classic, wonderful taste every single time. Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting has several coffee shops in town. One in the Crossroads, one in the Barnyard, and one in Carmel Mid Valley. We love their coffee, and the fact that they have multiple shops offers the advantage of convenience. 

What’s your favorite coffee shop in town? These are just a few of the many we enjoy!