Isabel and I finally made it to Maligne, a delicious new restaurant in Seaside owned by Klaus Georis. It’s easy to rave about Maligne between the way they opened the door for us as we walked in and left, to the outstanding waitstaff anticipating our every need and beyond. The food was out of this world.

We had the chanterelle mushroom dish with escargot and shared a filet cooked perfectly. I enjoyed their cocktail menu with locally inspired drinks like the Seaside 75 – a take on the classic French 75, and they have a wonderful wine list filled mostly with things I’ve never heard of, which was very exciting. The waiter recommended a red to pair with steak, and it was spot on.

We were admiring the decor and design throughout most of our experience, and Isabel made a comment that if she could decorate our house in any style it would look a lot like Maligne, to which I completely agreed. The dessert menu was impressive, and we had something delicious involving bananas shown below.

We will definitely be back to Maligne, and we continue to be amazed by the outstanding restaurant scene on the Monterey Peninsula!