Being a dog owner in a new area can be challenging so we wanted to provide a couple of local resources we’ve come across over the years that have provided value to our lives and the community.

Health Care for Your Dog

When we decided to find an affordable health care plan for our dog Delta, a beautiful 7 year old yellow lab, we turned to Banfield pet hospital in Sand City. We pay around $40/month for a health plan, and in our opinion it is an excellent value. Our dog seems to need a pet visit about once a month, and we have saved a lot of money by having this care plan. Aside from the financial benefits, the staff is incredible. Their communication skills are top notch, and they are always happy to see us and our dog even during their busiest hours. They genuinely care about their patients, and having a pet hospital you can trust just a few minutes away gives us a great sense of security. They give Delta a new colorful bandana every time we go and she loves it. We call it her necklace!

Day Care and Overnight Visits

While we haven’t yet tried this local service, we wanted to mention it because we’ve been following their activity on Instagram and they seem like a great local resource, so we decided to feature Coastal Pup Pack. This Monterey Peninsula dog business offers in-home overnight puppysitting, day care, walks, etc. . . Check out their Instagram account @coastalpuppack to follow their great adventures with beautiful dogs. We will definitely be using them in the near future.

Fantastic Pet Store in Carmel

Have you checked out The Raw Connection in the Carmel Rancho Shopping Center? This place is incredible. One of our great clients gave us a sample of their Raw Connection wet dog food, and our lab set a new record time for eating her dinner(never thought that was possible!).

We hope these dog tips bring you and your puppy joy here on the Monterey Peninsula!