Introducing  A SMARTER HOME

                          George McKechnie, Axiom Home Tech, Heinrich Team Guest Writer

Smart home technologies can provide homeowners with new levels of convenience, enjoyment, and safety. Yet most consumers find it hard to keep up with all the new devices and strategies —and even harder to determine which ones make sense for their own home and lifestyle.

A Smarter Home TM was created to help consumers better understand the emerging choices —and make more informed buying decisions—by providing brief, focused reports that:

  • explain the benefits and limitations of specific technologies and products from a consumer-centric perspective (how it might fit your needs and lifestyle) rather than a product-centric one (hyping the latest bells and whistles);
  • clarify, qualify, and (if needed) challenge manufacturers’ marketing claims;
  • explore important background issues—like infrastructure requirements, upgrade strategies, protection from hackers, etc.; and
  • help you understand the difference between a smart home system that is specifically designed and integrated to your needs and preferences, and a mere “collection of widgets.”

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George McKechnie provides a unique perspective on smart home technologies, combining expertise in residential construction, architectural psychology, and the latest developments in home entertainment & automation.  He grew up wiring houses in the family electrical contracting business, and building home music systems for fun. 

After college at Wesleyan University, he completed a PhD in Environmental Psychology at UC Berkeley, exploring individual differences in how people respond to and use residential spaces.  He then taught architectural psychology at UC, and helped develop the Environmental Simulation Laboratory in the College of Environmental Design.

Returning to his roots, he founded Audio Excellence in San Francisco during the heyday of high-end audio—counting Francis Ford Coppola, Ray Dolby, and Boz Scaggs among his clients.  More recently, he established Axiom Home Tech in Monterey, and created— a web-based Consumer Guide to Smart Home Entertainment & Automation.

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