We had our first few open houses in June since the lockdown, and noticed a few things that we wanted to share some insights for open house goers. 

#1 – Mask or No Mask

While visitors don’t have to wear a mask if fully vaccinated, some folks prefer to. I heard the phrase “I’m vaccinated, but cautious” and thought it was fitting for what many people might be feeling right now. The lack of mask requirement is so new, and not everyone is ready, which is perfectly ok. You are the guest, and you should feel comfortable. The host should help you feel comfortable, and if you prefer that the host wear a mask with you, you should ask them to do so. 

#2 – Forms or No Forms

Fortunately, there is no longer a requirement for Property Entry Advisory Disclosure forms or open house sign in sheets!

#3 – Social Distancing

Guests are still encouraged to practice social distancing when visiting homes, and there is a requirement for the number of visitors at one time that relates to the size of the house. The open house host should be prepared with this information for the particular house they are holding open. 

It was refreshing holding our first few public open houses in over a year, and if you see one of our Heinrich Team signs, feel free to stop by one of our open houses to say hello even if you are not actively looking for a new home. We would love to meet you.