Buying a Home in Pacific Grove

A great client of ours came to us a few months ago looking for a larger Pacific Grove home for her family. We had represented her years ago on a small Pacific Grove property that she turned into a rental, and we were so excited to help her find her next home! We referred her to a great local lender who quickly pre-approved her for a purchase, and began our search. We were looking for something with at least 3 bedrooms with ocean views, walk to town, and walk to Ocean View Blvd. Open to some remodeling, but not a complete fixer upper.. The location was key, and we started marketing in the ideal streets where she would want to potentially buy, but inventory was and still is tight, and properties offering great value were hard to come by. As we saw more properties, we learned more about what the buyer really wanted, which helped us narrow down our search. Eventually, a house came on the market close to the water and an easy walk to town with tons of Pacific Grove Victorian charm. This was the one, and we were competing against multiple offers. We had a good rapport with the listing agents, and quickly called to let them know we would be presenting a great offer. The lender refreshed her pre-approval letter, and we were ready to go. Our buyer offered with excellent terms, which key to her success in a competitive market. We got into contract and had a great escrow with everyone involved. Congratulations to our buyers who have a beautiful 100+ year old Victorian house with views of the bay, and thank you for the great review!