price_tagThe irritating thing about cliches is that some of them are true. The Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared” is a time tested standard for dealing with the “slings and arrows” that come our way. Too many homeowners do not take the necessary time to present their property in its best light and most persuasive condition. A positive first opinion of a home once lost is hard to retreive.

Aside from removing clutter and a general sprucing up and cleanup of interiors and landscaping, homeowners need to complete a Structural Pest Report, Roof Report and Homeowners Inspection, and if appropriate a Septic Tank Inspection. The key here is “no surprises”. Smart homeowners make the inspections and disclosures a part of their “marketing program”. A prospective buyer will seek out those homes where sellers do their best to provide good information and a thorough presentation of the condition of the property. Good preparation and no surprises. The best recipe for smooth selling.