Motorcycles have been around for well over a hundred years. But, how did today’s bike become what is it now? What did the 1916 motorcycle look like? How are competition bikes different from street bikes? If you are a motorcycle lover – if you love the feel of the open road, wind in your face, and engine’s vibration under you – then you’ll want to check out the upcoming Quail Motorcycle Gathering. This is the 8th annual running of the event, taking place on May 16, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., right here in your Carmel.

This special annual congregation honors bikes of all ages and all kinds, from sports to racing bikes. It also reaches back in time to pre- and post-war era bikes. What’s being featured this year? Categories include:

  • BMW Classics
  • Competition on- and off-road
  • Custom/Modified
  • Japanese bikes
  • Pre-1916 Motorcycles

You love the intrigue, freedom, and power of motorcycles. If you love good food and drink as well, it’s here. There will be a gourmet BBQ lunch, and offerings from local breweries and wineries. In addition, you’ll be treated to live music, and get to chat it up with leading bike vendors.

For more information about this gathering, please visit this’s Web page. To speak with someone at the Quail Lodge, please call (831) 620-8879.

This list was accurate at the time of publication; please check directly with the venue(s) to ensure dates, times, and locations remain the same.

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