We expect to have about 140 home sales in Carmel for 2008.  What’s the highest annual total in the last 10 years?

A)  180

B)  216

C)  284

D)  301

The answer is D, 301 sales.  Can you guess which year this was over the last 10 years (without looking at the graph below)?  Most people would guess 2003 or 2004 but that would be wrong.  This last real estate boom peaked in 2004 with 269 sales.  In fact, 1999 had the highest number of home sales in Carmel over the last 10 years at 301.  Over these 10 years we’ve averaged 214 sales per year so we’re clearly below this, about 35% below, in fact.  This makes it tough on Realtors and sellers, but great for buyers.