The Heinrich Team Brings Results | Received 98% of Home Listing Price in Carmel Valley CA from The Heinrich Team on Vimeo.

Video Transcription Below

I’m Jay Gentry, I’m a 26 almost 27 year resident of the peninsula now – 26 years in the home that we chose to sell with The Heinrich Team.

Team Advantage

Ben and Carole refer to their team as The Heinrich Team, and there’s a bunch of levels to that team. First of all, there’s Ben and Carole, and they are the anchors if you will, the people who know the area and have done that, but that team expands to include Zach, who I’ve mentioned, who is working with them – a Realtor – and another person who enables them to be three places at the same time, instead of just two. Then Grace in the office – their actual team really knows what they’re doing – and that team expands to include the photographer, the touch-up person, or the person who will come and help with landscaping. It even further expands to Coldwell Banker itself because certainly, Coldwell Banker is one of the pre-eminent Realtors in the area, so our house was immediately exposed to a large number of people who are active and successful in real estate. It really came across that there was more horse power focused on our home, and it worked out wonderfully.


I think with Ben and Carole knowing so much about not only our area, but the larger area, they were so calm about offers that came in, and one of them was a rather peculiar offer that they knew about because they have been in the area for so long, and they knew not to get excited about that offer because they are so embedded in this community. They knew it was not a legitimate offer.

Pricing Recommendations and Results!

Ben and Carole came in even a little above the highest recommendation that we had, and they went through a process of how they justified it – where they got the information, and how they were going to present it in that way. We’re delighted, I can say we were able to get 98% of the home listing price, which would have been above any of the other recommendations, so that’s kind of an interesting piece there.

Any Difficulties Along the Way?

The whole process. It’s just such a daunting process, and I think it’s true for men and women, but you take different roles in the decision process. They provided a lot of emotional support, and I have to speak to Carole particularly – she would just seem to know when to send me an email saying “you’re fine, we’re fine, I know this is tough, we’re gonna get there,” and it wasn’t that we were anxious that it wasn’t selling because the process moved quickly thanks to The Heinrich Team, but she just seemed to know how to say “it’s hard!” Recognizing the reality of it, supporting you on your feelings, and helping you keep going because it’s a big step to sell a home.

Lasting Relationships

I’m d’Aulan Gentry, and I couldn’t have been happier with the support we received from The Heinrich Team. Not only would I recommend them, I already have on multiple occasions! A friend of mine had a very strange house sale dilemma/problem, and had other Realtors in the area helping her – I use that term loosely! And when she made the change to The Heinrich Team, the difference was huge, and so now she’s going on to say these are the people you want to help you with this huge event in your life – the whole team is just remarkable. I can’t say that they are the best Realtors in the area because I have not used all the Realtors in the area or worked with them, but I can say they set an awfully high bar, and I too have recommended them. If I were to sell another house, or if anyone were to ask me who to go to to find a house for them or put their house on the market, I would put The Heinrich Team at the top of the list!