Solve Tight Seating with a Well Placed Bench

You may have seen Ben’s recent video on Carmel Benches, so you probably know how much we love a good bench! We’re now parlaying our bench interest toward interior design.

If you’ve ever lived in a small house, you know the challenge of finding suitable seating that won’t get in your way or interrupt the flow of the floor plan. We’ve recently been inspired by benches because of their versatility and compact size. Rather than putting chairs in parts of the room that would hinder walking space, you could opt for a bench against the wall that has a storage compartment inside. Another benefit of benches is the fact that they can be moved around easily. So, if you decide it’s not a great fit for your living room, you can easily slide it into your guest room for a great place to read. When you get tired of the bench in one room, just move it to another!

Here’s an example of how a bench can provide great seating and storage, and offer a fun element to complete a room.