Two articles are live on Ben’s LinkedIn smart home content series. In the first article – Smart Homes Need Smart Agents, Ben reflects on the development of smart home technology over the years has outpaced the consumer’s ability to evaluate what makes practical sense for their families and lifestyles. This excerpt below summarizes:

“Smart home products will always be there, available as needed.  For the homebuyer, the goal must be a method of thinking about their own specific needs, grounded in a process that creates a roadmap for them to assess how they live, entertain and plan for the future—and how specific smart home features can support these goals. A handful of gadgets does not equal a “smart home.””

Ben’s next article Intention Plus Attention reflects on his awareness of the smart home landscape, how it affects the needs of buyers and sellers in the real estate market, and how agents can prepare for these technological changes.

“Attention to Smart Home planning also encourages responsibility and accountability to the future and generations to come. Climate change, wise use of energy, creating healthy homes and the impressive value of Passive Homes.”