This year’s AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am will take place from February 8-14, 2016. Golf lovers and players: this rich tradition has been with us for almost 60 years! The 2016 edition offers $7 million dollars in prizes, and in the end, 60 professional golfers, along with 24 Pro-Am teams play Pebble Beach Golf Links for the championship. Much to be to be excited about. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the great stories and special moments from past Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournaments.

    1. Quiet, please! Or not. Comedian Bill Murray took time to stop and tell a joke at last year’s event. As everyone waited for him to take his shot, he told joke. You can have a look and listen below.

    1. Mark Hubbard asks: Meghan, will you marry me? Not only on the play board, Mark actually walked up to Meghan, got down on his knees, and popped the question. Here’s how it went.

    1. Man’s Best Friend, to everyone’s delight! Commentators took time out to comment on the great joy and fun this particular pooch was having as everyone else was focused on golf!

    1. Famous resident Clint Eastwood on the Crosby Clambake. As a GI, Clint tells the story of sneaking in on the Clambake, eating up the desserts, and seeing some very famous people.

    1. Great moments from the past, looking forward. Every Pro-Am offers countless memorable moments. We wanted to share a video that shows a few from years gone by, as we look forward to this year’s event.

Need more details on the 2016 Pro-Am? We have you covered! Click this link to read a post on the highlights and details of the upcoming event.

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