Staging a Home in Carmel Valley

Part of our marketing strategy when preparing a listing is determining if the house needs staging, and if so, what’s the best approach? We have a few staging companies we work with, but before bringing them in, we do our own assessment so we can give guidance to our stager and seller. Here are a few tips on staging a home in Carmel Valley from our experience marketing properties. 

Step 1 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – De-Clutter

The first thing we recommend is removing clutter from the home. This may be the most challenging task, so we’ll tackle it first to get it out of the way. These items may be some of your most prized possessions, but when it comes time to market a home, organization is key. Buyers need to be able to envision their own possessions in a home they are viewing, and this can be difficult if too many of your belongings are there. It also helps your house look bigger, and that never hurts!

Step 2 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – Furniture Placement

Furniture should complement the flow of a floor plan. When deciding where to place your furniture, imagine your family or friends in the house. Where would they be most comfortable? How can you group the furniture in a way that accommodates good conversation and community.

Effective furniture placement when staging a home.

Step 3 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – Repurposing Rooms

Do you have a junk room that, with a few slight changes, could be repurposed into something functional and fun? How about a den or yoga room? Finding these unique opportunities can make your house stand out from the rest in a competitive market.

Step 4 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – Lighting

The lighting in a house creates the mood, and when buyers walk through a home, they will notice the brightness placement of the lights. If your light switches work and your rooms are appropriately lit, it will make all the difference in the world when presenting your listing.

Step 5 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – Paint and Art

Homes or rooms with radical paint colors narrow the target audience because while some may like the creativity, others may prefer neutral colors. Stick with easy, neutral colors when presenting your home, and let the buyer make their own finishing touches.

When considering hanging art, it all depends on the style of your home. You might go with a subtle approach, and pick pieces that complement the furniture and architectural style. Or you might pick unique designs that accent or provide contrast to deviate from the norm. It is completely up to you.

Step 6 | Staging a Home in Carmel Valley – Orchids and Geraniums

The selection of plants and flowers to choose from is nearly endless, but when staging a home in Carmel Valley, it’s tough to beat orchids and geraniums. Here’s an example of how we integrate these in our presentation.

Staging a Home in Carmel Valley

Example of orchid placement in a Carmel Valley home.

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