Puddin’ The Dog, The Heinrich Team’s Official Mascot (Head of Security)

Puddin’ may be the official mascot of the Heinrich Team, and the unofficial Head of Team Security, but she doesn’t use ferocity, instead she kills ’em with kindness! According to Ben and Carole Heinrich, the 11-year-old Chihuahua/pug mix has the best temperament of any dog they’ve ever had. She’s sweet and outgoing, loves babies and children (such as the Heinrich’s grandkids), and has so many friends in the area, that their first question is always, “Where’s Puddin’?” when they drop by.

So, essentially, she’s a therapy dog. She doesn’t have her own phone or email address (yet), but she does have her own space at the office with her own little bed. “She’s definitely a working dog,” quips Ben. Her favorite thing to do is hang out at Yappy Hour on the patio of the Cypress Inn in Carmel, where she can greet all her fans (she’s pretty famous from her many appearances in ads in local publications). And, she’s a rescue dog from Pacific Grove’s own Peace of Mind Dog Rescue non-profit.

Ben and Carole adopted her when she was only 7 months old, and she’ll be 12 on May 22, 2022. Contact Puddin’ at Team@TheHeinrichTeam.com or call Ben at (831) 915-7415 or Carole at (831) 601-9019.



Puddin’ has lived in Carmel Valley for over five years, and in that time has explored some of the area’s finest homes and properties–some of which are now technically marked as hers.


From strolling along Carmel Beach to basking in the sun on Cypress Inn’s delightful pa-tio, Puddin’ can regularly be seen throughout the Carmel Valley area. She enjoys making the most of the great outdoors, especially when she is on a walk with Carole and Ben.


Puddin’ is a local expert when it comes to all things dog-friendly. To learn more about the local restaurants, beaches, and parks that welcome canine companions, head over to the Just For Dogs page.

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