Since COVID, the real estate market has experienced some truly astounding changes. Technology became an increasingly critical part of our business, and good organization and communication stood out as keys to keeping current with a changing market. The ideal criteria for buyers changed from 2019’s minimalistic “less is more” trends to 2020’s new demand for more space, privacy, and flexibility.

Coldwell Banker produces a beautiful luxury market report with key insights from top agents around the world. It’s not only helpful for us as agents to keep current on the latest market happenings; our clients love to stay in the know on global real estate trends because buyers from all over the world to experience the greater Monterey Peninsula area, and that demand impacts their home values. The report covers many different markets and price points. Luxury real estate mean $900,000 in Sacramento, $1,600,000 in Miami, or $20,000,000 in Thailand. You’ll find insights on who’s buying in these markets, how wealth is evolving, and some of the key features buyers are looking for in today’s market.

One of the benefits of Coldwell Banker is our international network of great agents. If you have a real estate need anywhere in the world, we can help you identify a great agent to handle the sale.