We are representing the buyers of a luxury Carmel home still under construction. Escrow will close in a couple weeks once the final building permit is issued, and we have learned a ton about design during this process. The buyers consulted with their designer during escrow to help select some of the finishes from the home, and we had the opportunity to meet this designer and watch them in action! It was fascinating to see how design decisions were made. From colors and textures, to placement locations for fixtures, and the influence of furniture, we saw how cohesive and systematic a professional design process can be, and how when done successfully it is of great value to a buyer.

It made us consider our own design process, and how utterly disheveled the experience was. We remodeled our house over the course of the last 18 months and are now in the midst of furnishing it. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way – we learned so much, grew from it, and once it’s finished we’re going to be so proud of all our great work. However, we both agree it would have been nice to have a third party to bounce ideas off of, to come into our home and look at it from a different perspective – a less emotional perspective, and certainly to introduce new ideas.

We also realized that neither of us are educated in design, and a designer could help us figure out what design aesthetic we like by asking us the right questions in the same way we ask buyers questions to help them find a house they really like. We realized a designer is a professional that we would absolutely want to have in our arsenal if we are considering buying a new piece of furniture or art – someone to consult with similar to a tax professional when making a new financial decision. All in all, I think building a relationship with a designer is a very worthwhile process, and when we go into our next remodel we will definitely consult with one.